Friday, January 3, 2020

A Ratio Dilemma

Yesterday a PWE landed in my mailbox and the return address read: Luis Torrens Fan Club. Hmmm... I think we all know who the president, VP, secretary, treasurer and media relations guru of the Luis Torrens Fan Club is, but if there's any doubt, then here's a quick link to ZZ's blog.

The PWE yielded some most excellent bounty.

Up first, a Dexter Fowler rookie card.
I miss Dex atop the Cubs lineup. He hasn't had the most productive time in St. Louis. I wonder if he misses Chicago.

A 2019 Topps insert of Ryne Sandberg:
 Perennial All-Stars? I think Ryno fits that description quite well as he was elected to ten straight mid-summer classics.

Ah, this card is the best!  Don Zimmer, as a third base coach, swatting Sandberg on the a$$ while he rounds third.
Undeniably, this is the content you came here to see! What a great card!  For the record, I'm now up to 941 unique Sandberg cards in my collection. If I were in a goal setting mood I would ramble on about how acquiring 59 more cards would put me at an arbitrary round number.  Lucky for you, I'm not into setting goals in 2020.

Thanks for the surprise PWE, Zippy Zappy!

When it comes to baseball cards and the magical PWE I pride myself in reciprocating. Yet, here's a link to Zippy Zappy's recent post about his goals for 2020 wherein he writes:

Well, isn't that something? Now you see where my dilemma comes into play.

Do I send cards or do I not send cards?  

Obviously, ZZ is cutting stock and maybe that's why I received the PWE. He's glad to get the cards out his house.

Is he hoping I don't send anything back?

Or maybe he's counting on me to continue my PWE ways and he's hoping I return the favor so he's forced to jettison more cardboard?

Then, there's the fallout of what happens if I do decide to send cards his way. If I send a half-dozen cards, then someone unsuspecting blogger (like @Lost_Collector) gets dumped on 15-fold because you know ZZ is not messing around when it comes to his annual goals. Can I live with that kind of guilt?

Wow. When I was young I was looking forward to 2020 because I was convinced everyone would have a flying car by then. Instead, I'm dealing with cardboard dilemmas.

Perhaps the two aren't mutually exclusive and I'll have my flying card before the year is out? Or maybe ZZ will chime in within the comments and I can stop trying to read between the lines.

Either way, I'm not quite sure what to think about 2020 so far.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend.


  1. Nice to know that I'm not the only one who thinks about the repercussions of my Zappings lol.

    I'm glad you got the PWE safely (the Sandberg SP was headed your way anyway). I appreciate the thought but I don't really ever expect to get stuff in return as this was just part of a late holiday season Zap. Though I understand that you pride yourself in returning the favor (trust me, I know) I feel bad that I made you feel obligated to send me stuff. Especially since you're kind of burnt out with the hobby right now and even moreso with having to send stuff out through USPS after the last two things you tried to send me went awry lol.

    In any event, don't worry too much about a return. You did me a great service by taking in those three cards, and all I could really want is for you and yours to have a happy and healthy 2020 (and beyond).

  2. First of all, you have to send him something. But as usual when you do you'll make it count. Quality. Not quantity. And those Sandbergs are very nice. The "Perennial All-Star" would be so much nicer without all that razz-ma-tazz swirling around him. What an amazing photograph. That Zimmer card is nice too.

  3. Looks like Sandberg got Zimmer zapped!