Monday, May 6, 2019

Ogle That Vogel: 2013 Bowman Red Platinum

I picked up another "new to me" Dan Vogelbach card and it's kind of gray whale for me. I've been looking to harpoon this one since 2013, when Bowman Platinum first hit the shelves. I passed on some copies back in 2013, because I didn't want to pay the Cubs prospect premium at the time. So, I made an Ebay search and finally had a hit a couple of weeks back.
I wound up paying about the same price I would have back then. Go figure.

Questions: So, what did I learn here?
Answer: The going price for a current Cubs prospect (2013) is equal to a middle of the lineup masher for a middle market MLB team in 2019.

My one regret with this card is I was hoping to secure the 12/25 serial numbered copy. It's always nice to add a "Christmas Card" to the collection. For the record, this one is is numbered 13/25 (lower right of the card).

This is my 356th different Vogelbach in my collection. I almost have enough to show off one per day during an entire calendar year. Pretty cool!

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  1. Congrats on the new Vogel! He is smashing the ball this year and is an absolute monster man.

  2. He's one of the few Mariners who is still playing well, so it's not too surprising to hear the price of this card hasn't gone down yet.

  3. I'd read a Vogel-per-day blog!

    Congrats on the pickup! Ty Hensley was in the set with Vogelmonster!

  4. Congratulations on snagging that whale. Best of luck on tracking down #12/25. You might want to check with Gavin... since he's cornered the market on Christmas cards ;)

  5. Nice, I remember that year's set well. For some reason the colors just really popped on the refractor versions of these cards.