Saturday, May 4, 2019

Before and After, brought to you by Wrigley Wax

I have had lots of fun researching, tracking down, cataloging and assembling my Hall of fame Binder. Writing the posts, although a little time consuming, has probably been the most enjoyable experience. I appreciate baseball history probably more than most and the posts give me an excuse to read more into the career of players that I wouldn't normally think about.

I'm also glad to learn that one of my favorite bloggers has enjoyed the posts as well. It's always a big boon when one of the longest tenured and well known bloggers gives you a thumbs up for your efforts.
I found a package from Paul, of Wrigley Wax, waiting for me on the kitchen table when I got home from a baseball game the other night. It was late and I hadn't eaten yet so I let it sit until the next evening. When I did crack into it I found Paul's note (above) and decided to save the contents for today. We all need a little extra motivation to help reach the end of a work week from time-to-time!
 I wasn't exactly sure what Paul had crafted for me, but when I removed the painters tape and found what was inside the cases I was truly honored.
"Before" on the left, "After" on the right.
Unprovoked, Paul created all of these yearly markers for my Hall of Fame binder! How thoughtful is that?!?

For my yearly markers I had taken the pages of an old daily Cubs calendar, cut them to size and hand wrote a year on it. Very DIY and very much on the thrifty side of other options I had considered.
"Before" on the left, "After" on the right.
 The backs of my markers were pretty distracting when flipping through the pages. It was actually beginning to grate on my nerves. Paul's creations are blank, which won't catch my eye when turning pages to enjoy my cards. Woo-Hoo!

Here's a "Before" picture with my previous markers.

Here's the "After" with Paul's additions adding some much needed class to my pages.
I think my favorite thing about Paul's design is how his markers resemble the actual plaques in Cooperstown. A great idea for sure and wonderfully executed!

Paul, I'm tickled by your gesture and very appreciated of the time and effort you committed to this project for me. Thank you so much!


  1. Wow, those look fantastic! They'll really class up your binder :)

  2. Glad you like them! I'll email you the template so you can add cards for future years.

  3. That’s awesome! The thoughtfulness and generosity of people in this community never ceases to amaze me.

  4. Wrigley Wax did a great job on these. I like how he included the names from that particular year's class.

  5. That is really unique idea for the HOF year markers, I dig it.