Saturday, March 16, 2019

Vogelmonster Is In Japan!

Sometimes I get excited. This is one of those times and I'll do my best to not go all fanboy on you.

Vogelbach is second on the Mariners in plate appearances this spring and is leading ALL hitters in walks.

Vogelbach is 26 years old and out of minor league options. Kyle Seager's unfortunate hand injury, which has him out until at least mid-June, has allowed the Mariners to shift Ryon Healy across the diamond. This development gives Vogelbach a legitimate opportunity to receive regular at-bats! He'll share first base with Edwin Encarnacion a little, but mostly it sounds like he'll be plugged in as the designated hitter.

I'm excited to see how Vogelbach's new "relaxed" approach to the mental side of the game, as well as his approach at the plate translate over to the MLB level. For the first time it seems like the manager and GM of a major league club both want to see him succeed. I, for one, think it's about time and I can't wait to see Dan Vogelbach go all Godzilla Vogelmonster while in Japan versus the Athletics.
Folks, I believe this will be your last chance to jump in on the ground floor of the Vogelbach baseball card market. You have been warned!

Go get 'em, Dan!


  1. I hope this is the Year of the Vogelmonster.

  2. Considering how the 28-man roster changes are going to screw up his chances of being a September call-up, I hope he can nab the starting 1B role while the M's rebuild.

  3. Oh nice! When I read the title I was wondering if he signed with a team in Japan.

  4. Vogelmonster is the next great Kaiju to take Japan by storm. Lol