Friday, March 29, 2019

Do Bloggers Have a Sixth Sense?

About six days ago I added a list of cards from 1988 Topps to my want Set Needs page. I already have a hand-collated set of '88 Topps in my collection, but last year I inherited a collection which included a partial set. The 800-count box sat and collected dust in my card closet until recently when I finally took the time to figure out what was missing. Without any fanfare I published the aforementioned want list.
Cards from Bru
 Queue the blogosphere. With being it one of my two busy times of the year, I haven't been wheeling & dealing and I wasn't expecting any packages. Yet, two packages arrived yesterday from familiar zip codes . . . less than a week after I posted the '88 Topps want list.
The blogosphere is a mysterious and wonderful place . . . it's a place where collectors send random PWEs because they hit a card from another collector's player collection. It's a place where some truly talented writers tell stories about card collecting, which sends the reader through a time warp back to their childhood. It's a place where you can reveal something about your personal life and the comment section will flood with words of kindness, encouragement, condolences and congratulations. In short, it's a community for those who truly call themselves sports card collectors.
I feel I need to touch on the "mysterious" qualifier a tad more. You see, it's as though bloggers have a sixth sense. And what exactly would this sixth sense involve? Well, that's easy! It detects when there's a way one can rid themselves of junk wax from their collection!
Most collectors have at least a nominal amount of junk wax in their collection which they have no clue what to do with. It doesn't fit into one of your defined collecting niches, but you'd feel guilty about dumping it on someone, and you can't bring yourself to toss it out. So there it sits. In your collection. Taking up space.
Cards from Night Owl
 I have 3200-count box dedicated to junk wax. There are some Hall of Famers in there and certainly plenty of All-Stars, but all the Cubs have been sent to the One Million Cubs, the Tim Wallach's to the Tim Wallach guy and . . . well, you get the idea. I've toyed with the idea of donating my box to Good Will or sending it to Commons4Kids, but I'm sitting on my hands hoping there's a better answer.
In the meantime I guess I'll just keep building random junk wax sets like 1988 Topps. Thank you to Bru and Night Owl for demonstrating their respective sixth senses are in working order. The junk wax and other cards in this post were from their two packages. Cubs cards and other set help are always appreciated, too!
If your sixth sense is out of practice, yet you feel the desire to help finish my '88 set, then please feel free to check out my want list. Please, don't just send cards though, because the last thing I need is eleven copies of an '88 Topps Kirk McCaskill card. Send me a quick email or make a comment about what you have for me so that I may update my want list in a timely fashion. Like Bru and Night Owl you will be added to my list and I'll send you "thank you" cards once the school year slows down.
As always, thanks for reading!  (And, for sending me your 1988 Topps junk wax!)


  1. I don't know about a sixth sense, but I do have a red siren in my house that activates as soon as it senses that somebody needs 1988 or 1989 Topps.

  2. I’ll admit, I have a certain little birdie, er, Night Owl to thank for tipping me off to said want list. Amazed that we didn’t overlap more, to be honest.

  3. I agree, card bloggers truly are amazing, now if the rest of the world could just follow suit...

  4. One of my closest friends can't understand my desire to blog and read blogs. I think I need to send her a link to this post. I've told her numerous times about the generosity, compassion, camaraderie, and kindness exchanged among us... but she doesn't listen. Maybe reading another blogger's words will convince her.