Thursday, March 28, 2019

Happy Opening Day

My first 2019 Dan Vogelbach card arrived in the mail this week. It's the morning of Opening Day and thanks to an earlier two game set in Japan The Vogelmonster is already leading all of MLB in OBP.

That's right. I don't drink coffee in the AM, I go straight to the Vogelbach Kool-Aid.
Dan, just keep your head down and let your play (and myself ) do all the talking for you.

Last year Vogelbach was selected to be a part of the Mariners' factory team, but he wasn't awarded a card in S1, S2 or Update. What a farce that was.
This year he was included in the factory team set again . . .

. . . which leads me to the only preseason prediction I'm going to make for 2019.

Vogelbach will do enough this season, at the big league level, that Topps will be forced to give him a card in Series 2 or Update. 

Baseball is back and I couldn't be happier. Enjoy the season!

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