Saturday, October 6, 2018

Not What I Was Expecting

I arrived home late last night, after filming for my high school's football team, to find a package sitting atop my desk.
The view from atop the press box makes me nostalgic.
Upon seeing the package I thought, "Nice! My Sportlots box arrived just in time for a three day weekend!"
The box was a little bigger than expected, but I guess I did order quite a few cards. This morning I ripped into the box.
Some cards were for my own projects, but mostly I needed some cards to complete a few trade packages.
I thought I would try the new Sportlots Box option, but more on that next time I suppose.
Peonies? Ugh.

I guess my wife used my Paypal account to pay for her latest garden project.  Sigh.

The wait for cardboard continues.


  1. Haha, flowers in a box when expecting baseball cards...not cool! I can totally see my wife doing that too though!

  2. My girffriend's favorite flower are peonies! Glad she doesn't have access to my PP account.

  3. Ha, it's a common occurrence where I get excited over a package that I assume is baseball cards but turns out to be something for my wife.

  4. My gf favorite flower is also peonies, but she always gets home before me so this kind of errored excitement could never occur with me.