Tuesday, October 30, 2018

I Asked a Blogger for a Favor

My wife attended a conference for work about a year ago in downtown Houston. She was actually in town when the Astros clinched the World Series against the Dodgers. Pretty cool. While she was there she found some tea at a local grocery store, which she immediately fell in love with. I guess she checked all over the internet and couldn't find any and she also visited stores here in P-town trying to hunt it down. She struck out on both fronts. Laura then turned to me and asked if I knew of any bloggers in the Houston area and if I could ask them to be the middleman.

I looked through my blogger Rolodex and found Marc lives down that way. You may better know him as Bru, the man behind Remember the Astrodome. I reached out to mark, told him of the store where my wife originally purchased the tea and sent him the picture below.
Marc was gracious enough to check out the store, but he also came up empty. Maybe the manufacturer went out of business?  Who knows.

A couple of weeks later I found a package from Houston in my mailbox. Nope, no tea.

It was baseball cards! Woo-Hoo!  Crazy, I ask for a favor and he sends me cards! I feel like I should be the one sending him something for his troubles. This community is so great.

There was some set help:
Yes, I'm working on junk wax era sets from my childhood. I know you're jealous.

A shiny Donruss Optic Rizzo was joined by a Topps Fire Rizzo:
 Is it just me or does Rizzo's name look like R1220 on the Fire card?

I was happy to find a pair of Albert Almora cards. He had a nice campaign in 2018.
 I'll always take a Matt Clement card for the collection... and how about that action shot of Shawon!
 Here are some of my favorites of Cubs on the current roster. The Home Run Challenge card was unscratched!
 I really enjoy modern sets of retired players and this Team Heroes set from Donruss is nicely done.
Oops and Upper Deck Billy Williams snuck in there with the Donruss. Sorry!

Lastly, we have another Sandberg to add to the player collection!
For those of you keeping score at home, this is the 900th different Ryne Sandberg in my collection. I was hoping to hit that mark sometime this year and this mini from A&G marks the milestone!

Thanks for the fabulous Cubs cards, Marc.  And thanks again for trying to help out my wife.
If anyone sees any Royal Afternoon Tea on a shelf nearby please drop me a line! LOL


  1. I did some searching and found out that a company name LT Foods has the brand for Royal. Also, Kusha is their subsidiary, the company that is marked at the bottom of the label where it says “Packed for”. I could not find any tea on their site, but in the companies description on Google it says they are a grains, tea, oil and rice company. Maybe contacting them can help. http://www.ltfoodsglobal.com

    I know what it is like not being able to find something amazing. There was a coffee and spice shop in Pike’s Market that sold white espresso, it had a wonderful peanut taste. After I left Seattle in 2008 I can not find it anywhere and they were just a small mom and pop shop so no website. I am not sure if they are even open anymore.

    1. Wow, thanks for all the research. I wasn't expecting that!
      I just thought it made a good story for the blog. You guys are too kind.

  2. There's a huge international market where I live and next time I go, I'll take a look for you. Any idea on the country of origin? Or is it a US based product?

    1. No idea on the origin and the only pictures/info I have are posted above. I appreciate your willingness to help!

  3. The company is based in India. Best bet is you'll find it in an international store, or store that carries Indian products. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

  4. Damn. 900 Sandbergs. That's quite the milestone. Congratulations! Best of luck on finding that tea for your wife.

    Btw... received your package in the mail today. Just one more reason I'm excited about the weekend.

  5. ditto Fuji! 900 Sandbergs! I probably have 200. Poor pitiful me. ;) we have a fantastic community here. I feel fortunate to be included.