Sunday, October 28, 2018

Living It Up & Sending Them Out

Matt, author of the Once a Cub blog, sent me a package containing cards purchased directly from Topps.

I've been following Topps' Living Set online, but I didn't pull the trigger. I thought long and hard about the Ryne Sandberg card, but ultimately I decided to pass. I decided I would purchase a Dan Vogelbach, if he was granted a card... he was not. Cue the sad music.
 I guess Matt has been purchasing away and he sent me some of his duplicates!
 The box has a very vintage-like feel to it, but the inside yields an acrylic case, which is very modern.
 The cards are quite stunning in hand. I appreciate the time spent and attention to detail of the artwork.

And, here we go...  the Sandberg I debated about!
 Of the three, I like Sandberg's "painting" the best. Very nice indeed!

Also in Matt's package were some Topps NOW cards.  Here are the Players' Weekend cards:
 I'm happy they used the nicknames on the front and the back.
 The home run derby was highly entertaining for this Cub fan.
 And, now I have the Baez and Schwarber cards to go with the memories!

Speaking of memories . . . this Topps NOW card depicts my favorite Cubs memory from the 2018 season.
David Bote, a minor leaguer for parts of 7 seasons, showed such emotion after hitting his walk-off grand slam! I didn't watch the game live on TV, but I did replay the highlight video more than I probably should have the next day.
Thanks for the great package, Matt!  The Sandberg is great, but the Bote takes the top spot!

Packages... I sent10 packages/envelopes out today. I owed a few people for trades, a couple were to even up the score, and few were of the "just because" variety. Matt, you have one in there, too!

If you live in one of the following zip codes, then be sure to check your mailboxes mid-week:
02072, 10707, 21788, 22030, 26505, 31602, 53208, 60706, 77023, 95119.

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Not my zip lol. Great mail day!

  2. Santa Maria... walk off slam! What a call.

  3. That Bote slam is one of the best moments of 2018. Right up there with the time Mike Trout manhandled the Yankees.

  4. I didn't buy a Topps Now card this year, but I came oh so close on pulling the trigger on that Bote. Kinda wishing I did in hindsight...

  5. I own a Castellanos. That's it. I passed on the Altuve, unimpressed. Of course, I passed on Ryno too. Thanks to you, I want it. Envy is an ugly thing.

  6. I've been on the fence as to if I should try and build the Red Sox Topps Living set. I'm not quite sure how many Sox have been included, but I recall seeing J.D. and Chris Sale fairly recently. Can't imagine it'd be cheap, but from the detailed art on those Cubs cards, it pay be worth it.

  7. Sorry for the delay in response, mailed out your package in a grand desk clean-off before I took some vacation time.

    Bote's grand slam got some love in the Throwback Thursday set recently, too.

    Came back to some return fire! Might have to dust off the ol' blog soon...