Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tell Her Hot Dogs Are Bad for Her.

 So, I was taking pictures from a package of Super Cubs Mojo the other morning and my wife asked, "Which guy sent you those?"
"Well, that would be a gal. Julie."
She motions to the computer screen, "Oh. Is that her blog name?"

"Tell her hot dogs are bad for her."   My wife. 😂
 I just had to share that little conversation with you all. For whatever reason, I found it to be pretty amusing. For the record, my favorite ballpark food to consume is a hot dog, which is closely followed by a bag of peanuts.

Do I care that hot dogs are bad for you?  No.
Check out this Tools of the Trade double relic card!  Did you notice the fielding glove on the left?
How about this? The oils from the glove are coming through on the back of the card. Too cool! For the record, this my 525th different Kerry Wood card.

 Julie made a huge dent in my 2018 Heritage Cubs team set.  I love the feel of the Heritage stock.
Julie's not stingy: she even sent the Zobrist and Wade Davis short prints!  Nice!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Something about chromey Heritage cards just doesn't do it for me." The chrome treatment seems out of place on a vintage card design.
 Regardless, Willson is my favorite current Cub and this card is BEAUTIFUL.

This is my favorite Cubs Heritage card from the 2018 edition:
I have a Dillon Maples rainbow because I thought he was going to be the goods when he was drafted. There was a time where I was wondering if he would ever make it, but it looks like he just may be a late bloomer. Jen-Ho Tseng is a two-time winner of Cubs Minor League Pitcher of the Year.

Taylor Davis?  He's a journeyman minor league catcher who received a cup of coffee last fall, but is probably better known for this video:
Man, I love baseball.

How about some old school minor league baseball?
These are TCMA cards from 1982 & 1983.
 Here's a shot of the backs for those who are interested. For a "Photo Fact Card" there sure aren't a lot of facts on the back!
 Here's what my wife liked the most about Julie's trade package:
 These are from the 1994 Fleer Extra Bases set and they are extra tall, about 4.5 inches.

Here's a quick shot for comparison:
 Two Brooks Kieschnick cards, which gives me a great opportunity to show off the front and back. Very nice!
 This Brooks Kieschnick card brings my player collection of him up to 82 unique Cubs cards. That's a strong total for a guy who only played sixty-four games for the Cubs.

Julie, author of A Cracked Bat: Baseball Cards and a Hot Dog, sure does know how to create one heckuva trade package. Thanks for all the sweet Cubs mojo, Julie!  I'll be sure to get something out your way before too long!


  1. My wife would probably be quicker to point out that baseball cards are bad for you.

    And I agree 100% about that Contreras being beautiful.

  2. That Tools of the Trade is so awesome! And the oil seeping through to the back just makes that much more so.

  3. That Wood is fantastic but I can't stop staring at the Contreras.

  4. The game used glove in a relic is fantastic.

  5. That Wood is sweet! I don't see game-used fielding glove cards very often.

  6. I might have more Extra Bases Cubs. I'll check...

  7. I stopped eating ballpark "food" a long time ago since it's usually overpriced and bad. Good luck storing the tall boys lol.

  8. Nice lot of cards! Morningstar Farms veggie dogs are quite yummy. I don't know why they've become SO hard to find. (Walmart, I'm giving you the stinkeye!)

  9. Taylor Davis...what a ham! And that Kerry Wood card is awesome. I've never seen a card with glove oil on it before!

    Figures your wife would say "guy" when it's from the one (and only?) gal on the card trading blogs.

  10. Awesome Wood. Well that sounds wrong but you know what I mean. Didn't know they had glove swatches like that. It's awesomeness

  11. Great stuff! I'm pretty sure I've got an Arod fielding glove relic, but it's black on the back, so I guess that prevents the neat oil saturation effect.