Saturday, January 20, 2018

Shiny Cardboard PWE from SCC

Today we have a quick post highlighting a recent mail day from Matt over at Sport Card Collectors. Matt and I didn't start swapping cards until this past year, but we have quickly moved over into the "just send cards whenever" friendship zone. I like that zone. 

I try to send him Yankees, NY Giants or Rodney Hampton cards and he sends me shiny cardboard!
I love the Bowman's Best design mixed in with all the blue and red. A good sized Cubs logo is always a plus! And hey, anytime I can add cards of Bryzzo to my collection it's a win! 
 Jake Arrieta still remains unsigned, but the longer he holds out the more confident I become in him re-upping with Chicago. The guy is too competitive to not sign somewhere where he has a chance at the post season. So why not come back where you're comfortable?
Two more Rizzo cards for my player collection. I should really take count of where I'm at with him. I don't know that I've purchased more than ten Rizzo cards at shops or shows in the past, but I'm probably reaching the 200-card threshold in his binder.

Thanks for the cards, Matt!  I'll try to round up some more Hamptons for your player collection.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. All that red, white and blue. The Cubs should be America's Team.

    1. They aren't??

      But seriously, those Bowman's best are sharp!

  2. Glad you enjoyed. I already have a new pile for you on my desk I will send out in the next few weeks :)

  3. Bowman's Best did a great job this year. Love the color of it all (though I'd rather see all that color transferred into Topps Flagship for a change...).