Saturday, September 19, 2015

Siblings Rock

I have just a quick post for today, but it's something of a milestone post for yours truly.

My sister, who frequents my blog more than any sane person should, has made three donations to my collection.

The first two of these gifts pieces of cardboard filled TWO gaps in my Cubs FrankenSet.

 The FrankenSet will never be finished, because I'll constantly look to add new and interesting Cubs cards to the pages.  The next card might be a 1984 Fleer Umbrella Hat card of Jay Johnstone or maybe a 2016 card of the Cubs newest pitching ace, David Price.  A guy can dream, right?

Jane has now given me a total of eight cards (including the epic Iowa Cubbie Bear) which have found their way into the FrankenSet, and these two filled the place holders for cards #530 and #586.

Only twenty-seven vacant slots left to fill!

The third card from Jane is the LAST card for 2012 Panini Triple Play master set.  I opened somewhere around six boxes of packs and never did pill this Nolan Ryan Hall of Fame Card.  The subset usually only had two or three of these cards per box, which in my book counts as short-printed.  Let's not talk about all the weird looks I received at card shows and brick & mortar card shops when I asked if they had any Triple Play cards.
 Yep, I've finished my first master set!  Base cards, subsets, relics, puzzles, stickers, tattoos, and eye black. What a task that was!  And, for what it's worth, it looks awesome in a binder! What a pretty great surprise from my sister!

Now that the Triple Play set has been put to bed I don't have any other sets left to finish. I was working on twelve sets back in January, and I set a goal to complete six of them before 2016, but instead I knocked off each and every last one!  It's been a good collecting year.  That's for sure!
Thanks for the help, Jane!


  1. Cards that are gifts are the best kind of cards. Also, glad I'm not the only person that appreciates Triple Play! I think I have a copy of that Johnstone card somewhere if you're interested.

  2. Conlon's are aren't flashy but they are terrific. Where else can you add a Heine and Gabby to your collection without breaking the bank?