Sunday, September 27, 2015

16 Cards in one PWE?

Yes, 16 cards for one forever stamp.  I don't know about you, but doesn't that seem a little much?  How does the post office let Dime Box Nick get away with such things?

I'm not sure, but I'm not complaining!   This one has been sitting on my desk for over a week now as I've been waiting for a good moment to rip it open.  Nick, such a thoughtful blogger, always hits on my collection needs.  I knew it would contain some high quality Cubs mojo.

Let's dive in with soft cornered vintage.  Is there any better kind of vintage?  No.  No, there is not.

Rizzo!  He's turned himself into the face of the franchise and I couldn't be happier.  Yes, I know Arrieta is having a bullish year and Kris Bryant is the poster child of the youth movement, but Rizzo is one of the biggest offensive producers in the league AND he's one of the main leaders on the team. 
Plus, Anthony plays with snow leopards.  How cool is that?
Swiped from the Twittah
  I think this is a 1960 Fleer and it's a dupe in my collection.  BUT, that's cool, because my other one is my all-time best Cubs card box.  This one will wind up in the FrankenSet!  Woot-woot!

 I'm not sure where to place this Ron Santo card.  I have him in two different Cubs folders: vintage cards and modern day cards.  Yes, Ron Santo is well represented in both binders.
I wouldn't call it a true vintage Santo card, because it was made after he retired Yet, it was made in the late 70s, which is petty dated.  #firstworldproblems  For what it's worth, it's a gorgeous card, but also somewhat perplexing. Why?   Look at the number on the bat nob.  23?  Odd.  Maybe someone like Wrigley Wax has an answer for that one?

 Here's the beginning of a nice little run of Kerry Wood cards.  This was the only Wood duplicate in the PWE and another strong contestant for my Cubs FrankenSet.  A thick Bowman Heritage card from 2005.

And the rest!  Ten new additions in all!

The Kerry Wood Collection now sits at 419.  Awesome!
  This Topps 206 was pobably my favorite, because I like "painted" cards.  The game card from MLB Showdown is a super oddball though!  Nick, I hope you didn't break up a set just for me.  These are hard to come by!

 I think this is a Topps Finest card, at least that's what it mentions in the etched text behind Wood on the front of the card.  The back lists some of the best pitchers from 1998 and Kerry is #2 on the list.
 Other pitching notables include Maddux, Clemens, Glavine, and Pedro.  Nice.

The last Wood card is this wonderful Statistical Standout relic from Leaf.  I like the horizontal stripe on the jersey swatch.  We don't seem them like that very often.
Neither the front nor the back mentions which statistic stands out for Wood.  I'll just go out on a limb and assume it was for strikeouts.  After all, the flamethrower from Texas was the fastest pitcher to reach 1,000 strikeouts in a career.

Lastly, the note.  I love when bloggers use blue painter's tape AND write a quick note.  Nick did both.
 The Biebering?  Wow, did I do that?  Hehehehehe!

Nick, thanks for a great PWE.  I'll keep saving cards for you while take your time deciding on a Bieber victim!  Go Cubs!


  1. As long as the Post Office keeps letting me get away with 16-card PWEs, I'll keep mailing 'em. Glad they arrived safely! I probably have about five copies of that MLB Showdown Wood lying around because of how many packs of those I bought back in the day. Never noticed the #23 on Santo's bat before, either.

  2. Anthony Rizzo, a man who is so Italian, he will wear a white tank top at his own wedding.