Sunday, January 4, 2015

Reviewing 2014 and Setting Goals for 2015

First, let's quickly review the goals that I set a year ago.

1. Complete at least six of the twelve sets from my Set Needs page.
     A. 2013 Bowman Base and FrankenSet (1 Base & 5 Parallel cards needed) - Completed!
     B. 2012 Panini Triple Play (4 cards needed)
     C. 2012 Topps Archives (11 SPs needed)
     D. 2010 Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out (1 card) - Completed!
     E. 2002 Topps Total (55 cards needed)
     F. 2000 Topps Reprints (10 needed)
     G. 1994 Fleer (17 needed) - Completed!
     H. 1992 Topps (131 needed) - Completed!
     I. 1990 Donruss (191 Base & 19 Inserts) - Completed!
     J. 1989 Topps (7 needed) - Completed!
     K. 1989 Spotflics (33 needed) - Completed!
     L. 1988 Donruss (207 needed & 15 Inserts) - Completed!
Eight of the sets were completed and all of them from last century.  I'll consider this one a win.

2. Complete a set released before I first started collecting without buying any cards.
 I started with a few dozen 1987 Topps cards and then asked the blogosphere to help me out.  I completed the set in a little less than two months and did a whole heck of a lot of trading.  The set probably cost me about $25 in postage to complete my end of the trades, but it was a complete blast.  Easily a win and a fun escapade at that!

Additionally, I also completed the 1989 & 1991 Swell Baseball Greats sets and the 1990 Pacific Legends sets.

3. Chase a Rainbow. Epic Fail.  Not once was I even tempted to start this project.

4. Collect and finish no more than two sets from 2014. Win?  This goal was set with the intent to not allow my purchasing of wax to get out of control.  The most product I bought from any issued 2014 release was Panini Classics.  If I didn't collect any current sets, that's a win...   Right?  I'm calling it a win.

5. Differentiate the content of the blog. 
Year     Total Posts      Card Related     Percentage
2014         206                    146                 71%
2013         198                    153                 77%
2012         174                     68                  39%
2011           42                      2                     5%

My present readership, which is largely other baseball card bloggers, probably didn't mind the 77%  baseball card related material, but I wanted to cut back to 65%.   I didn't quite make it to my goal, but I did post more in 2014 and less of my drivel was about the hobby.  Fail, but a decent effort.

Overall, I had a great 2014.  Heck, I completed eleven sets and numerous trades.  I even managed to survive the Wampa and a few Zippy Zappings.   It was a good year.

Quickly, let's take a look at my 2015 goals.
1. Complete another set from the time before I started collecting.  I already have a jump start on 1984 Topps.  This should be an easy one.

2. Hit the National.  I haven't been to the "big one" yet.  This should be fun.
3. Find a way to differentiate my content even further.  I want to hit that 65% mark. Badly.  In 2014, I did ten book reviews and posted once a month about my Cubs Convention Calendar.  I suppose I'll need to get creative if this blog isn't going to morph into one focused only on baseball cards.

Good luck in 2015, everyone!


  1. Nice job last year and good luck to you in 2015! If I don't end up going after the 1984 Topps set myself then I'll have a bunch of cards for you.

  2. I don't understand #3 from last year or #2 for this year.

    If you decide to live-trap more wild animals in your backyard in addition to raccoons, then you'll be well on your way to 65%

    1. #3 from last year: A rainbow in card collecting refers to all the colorful variations (or parallels) of one given card.

      #2 for this year: the National is the biggest card show... EVER!

    2. Dude!! The National is the week of my birthday in Chicago. Do I hear a sibling road trip?!?

  3. Your blog fans want more posts about Gus in 2015. Lizzie