Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wallet Card? Challenge Accepted!

About a week ago defgav, from the ingenious Baseball Card Breakdown, threw out a contest of sorts. I'm not really interested in the contest portion so much, but I think this game of Wallet Card will provide for some quick and easy blog posts randomly through the year.

I picked a card of my favorite player from the first set I ever attempted to complete from packs.

Yep, the illustrious 1988 Topps card of Ryne Sandberg. And wait for it... it actually gets better... this card is made of real cardboard!  I'm not sure how much the card will wear over the course of a year, because
1) it fits perfectly in one of the pockets in my wallet and 2) it normally resides in the console of my car and not on my person.
Swiped from
It's not like I have a Costanza wallet, but it does mess with my back when I sit on the confounded thing for long periods of time.  So, it sits in the console until I need it and then it goes back.  (Oh, and yes, I always keep the doors to my car locked, because of the lowest common denominator and all.)

So, look for '88 Topps Sandberg posts during 2015.  If the card holds up it may find a permanent home in my wallet.  


  1. Good luck! Loved it when his wallet exploded!

  2. Let's hope you don't have any hard candy in there.

  3. Robin fits perfectly in one of the pockets too, so I put it in the same pocket as my debit card. I figure pulling that in and out over a year should do some damage.

    And that's what she said.