Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Call to the Blogosphere

In my last post I showed off the haul blog reader David sent me. It was a great collection of Cubs from the early 90s to present day and was flush in autos, relics, prospects, and parallels.  Simply a great package overall.

David doesn't have a blog, but he has what sounds like ambitious tastes.  For instance, he has completed the 2014 Topps Chrome set, and the refractor set, and xfractor set, AND he is working on the orange, blue, and purple sets as well.  Holy Cow!  

Another one of his big projects is an autographed 1989 Topps set.  I did have one card to contribute, a Mark Grace.

His wife is also into cards and she's working the 2014 Heritage set and the Heritage Minors set.  How lucky of a man is he?

I'm working on a return trade package for David, but I'm after the two cards which top his most wanted list:
1. Chubby Cox.  Yep, you read that correctly.  His name is Chubby Cox.
Such a great card I had to add the picture to the post a second time!

 I think it's pretty obvious why he needs a copy of this card. Well, because anyone who was ever a teenage boy needs a copy of this card.  Right?
 Here's a nice little blog post which gives a bit more of a description of Chubby's career: click here.


2. Andrew McKirahan, 2012 Peoria Chiefs, stadium giveaway team set edition.
 I have the McKirahan card on the right, but that card is from the team set that can be bought from the team store.  That is not the card he's looking for.  David actually attended some Peoria Chiefs games back in 2012 and has the entire set autographed except for the McKirahan set, because his set was shorted the card.  He wants to try to track down the card for a TTM to complete his autographed set.  Unfortunately, the guy on the blogosphere who lives in Peoria has struck out so far.  Argh!  The card he needs looks like the design on the left. 

Any help out there?  Bueller?  Bueller?    Hit me up at mrcoach00 at yahoo dot com if you have any leads on either card!

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  1. Tell that guy to get a blog! Does he have a want list somewhere at least? I may be able to help with the '89 Topps set.