Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pack Wars: '90 Score vs. '14 Panini Classics

Welcome to another rousing edition of Pack Wars! 

Today we have a 16-card pack of 1990 Score against a 2014 Panini Classics, which weighs in at 8 cards. 
This will be a 2-to-1 match scheduled for 8 rounds!  . . . WHOA!  Score has jumped the gun!
Score decided to forgo the customary glove tap before the match and instead delivers a sharp uppercut to Panini Classics with a Bob Gibson trivia insert! Whoooooa Nellie!  What poor display of sportsmanship by Score!  The arena is up for grabs and it's going to take some time to settle both corners of the ring down! 

Ladies and gentlemen, we're going to cut to commercial and hope that when we return cooler heads will have prevailed. 
 Welcome back, folks. The Panini Classics corner has collected themselves and we're ready to start this match, officially this time.

Ding ding ding!  An here we go!

Round 1
Panini Classics comes out from the corner swinging fiercely with a Jackie Robinson card.  Score's Dan Pasqua and Matt Nokes are no match.  Panini has evened the score, but the sense here in the arena is that things are just starting to heat up.

Updated score:
1990 Score = 1 (Gibson cheap shot)
'14 Classics = 1

Round 2
George Bell packs a wallop with his three silver sluggers awards, three all-star appearances, and an MVP award.  Panini Classics unleashes its second Hall of Fame member in as many rounds.  Wow, Classics has come out with its guns firing!  Score, appearing a little dazed from the Robinson roundhouse, attempts to throw another punch, but its Gutterman doesn't even connect.

Updated  score:
1990 Score = 1
'14 Classics = 2

Round 3
The smelling salts came out in Score's corner between rounds. It seems to have helped as a current Cub and a future Cub land to the body of Classics, which can only retaliate with a Jon Singleton.  Perhaps Classics used all of its heavy artillery too early?  Score has tied up the match!

Updated  score:
1990 Score = 2
'14 Classics = 2

Round 4
It appears that both contestants are tiring here in the middle rounds.  Oddibe McDowell and Bob Geren give the fans little to cheer about, and Panini can only offer up its own Yankee backstop in return. 

From what we can see here in the booth it looks like the paying customers have more vigor in their step than the two in the ring.  Let's see how the judges score this round...  a draw!  Ohhhhhhh my!  The crowd is visibly displeased!

Updated  score:
1990 Score = 2.5
'14 Classics = 2.5

Round 5
Panini Classics has found its second wind and deals a Hall of Fame punch with Jimmie Foxx before Score and can even thinking about unloading its Kirk McCaskill and Carmelo Martinez. 

Updated  score:
1990 Score = 2.5
'14 Classics = 3.5

Round 6
Score, realizing that time is ruining out, delivers a glancing blow with Eric Yielding, but then lands a hard right cross with Jack Morris and his awesome mustache.  Panini stumbles a bit, wipes the fresh blood from its eye and reaches back . . . and . . . lands a Killer punch in Harmon Killebrew! A fourth member of the Hall of Fame!
The fans are rallying for Classics now and it seems as though we'll need a major change of events for Score to recover.
Updated  score:
1990 Score = 2.5
'14 Classics = 4.5

Round 7
Panini Classics tries to end the match early with a fifth member of the Copperstown museum in Rod Carew.  Score delivers a valiant attempt at a comeback with Tim Raines and Moses.  Yet, not even Moses is enough for Score to get back on the board.

Updated  score:
1990 Score = 2.5
'14 Classics =5.5

Round 8

Panini saves its insert for last and lands an Ichiro punch with the force of a lumberjack.  Score stumbles and gives a quick series of Todd Stottlemyre fastball-like jabs to the mid section in retaliation.  . . . Score, knowing it can't let this match come down to a judge's decision reaches back for one last haymaker . . .  A card commemorating Bo Jackson's lead-off homer from the '89 All-Star game off of a Rick Reuschel sinker! 

Panini Classics body absorbs the blow, staggers, and regains balance as the bell to end the round and match rings. 
Whoa Nellie, what a match!

The Final Score:
1990 Score = 3.5
'14 Classics = 5.5

Panini holds on to win behind the strength of five cards featuring members of the Hall of Fame. The Bo Jackson All-Star card was a nice unexpected score though!

Thanks for tuning into another edition of Pack Wars.  And remember folks, plunder the lox.


  1. That Rod Carew alone beats all the Score....

  2. I see that Kris Bryant auto has yet to make its appearance.

    That Ichiro beats the Score pack and the rest of the Classics pack.

  3. Sweet Ichiro!

    Let me know if that rad JR Murphy is available.

  4. I knew Score was going down when I saw the Robinson! Great post!

  5. Gotta say, that Singleton might not do much for you, but it'll look great in my collection. *wink wink*