Saturday, January 29, 2022

A Good Home

 Cats. My wife and I have two cats. 

The "Cat Cave" is meant for one cat occupancy.

Would I call myself a cat person. No.

Holiday. Her favorite follow on Twitter is "cats in places where cats shouldn't be"

Do they fit my busy teaching and coaching lifestyle? Yes.  

Hugo. Always the helper cat. 

Neither of them demand much attention and if I give them a clean litter box and few cups of food we can head out for the weekend knowing they'll manage just fine.

I have 11+ more years in public education, when my retirement plan fully vests, and then it's dog time. I will work in retirement, but my priorities will be different and some lucky shelter dog will be given a very good home

I follow a couple local pet shelters online and my timeline is often full of man's best friend. I'm not sure why I do that to myself. 

Speaking of shelters... My favorite disc golf company will release a new disc in March, named after their shelter rescue Binx, the one eyed cat. The stamp on the disc features Binx and part of the proceeds go an animal shelter

Do I need more discs? My wife would say, "No. No, you do not." 

Will I be buying this disc?  Yes, yes I will. It will find a good home in my disc golf bag and get plenty of use this summer. 

Lastly, a bubble mailer from the west coast arrived last week. Fuji reached out and asked if I still still took up residence in P-town. Naturally!

A hefty stack of VOGELMONSTERS were found in my mailbox shortly thereafter and you know they have found a wonderfully good home

Fuji, thanks for the cards and for giving me something to blog about. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. LOL. I spotted a Bowman Chrome mini, that I just sealed up for you (with a few others).

  2. Sounds like you and I will be retiring around the same time. I'm hoping for 10... but 11 or 12 (maybe even 13) is more likely. I want a dog so bad... but like you mentioned, it'd be tough leaving him/her home all day alone. If I wasn't allergic to them, I'd consider a cat.

    Glad the cards arrived safe and sound.

  3. I was down in P Town back on Saturday; my son got an award in the Music Education Association Student Composition contest so we went down there so he can be in the ceremony. Nice town amongst the cornfields!

  4. I enjoyed reading this. How you all are ok.