Monday, November 29, 2021

The Original Crown Prince of Baseball

 Another great Mail Day today. 

I believe I first saw this card posted on Dime Boxes, and as I typically do with one of Nick's posts I wound up adding a few cards to my want list. I thought about purchasing a reprint of this 1939 Play Ball beauty, but I ultimately decided to go all in and spoil myself a bit. 

Boy, do I ever love fuzzy corners and that pure vintage feel! 

Al Schacht was the original "Clown Prince of Baseball" and he was known for his imitations of coaches and players. He started out as a pitcher, moved to the world of coaching and then eventually found himself entertaining thousands as an on-field baseball comedian. 
I wasn't previously familiar with Schacht as the subject of my previous post, Max Patkin. No matter. This card will find its home in my Folder of Fun and rightfully so. 


  1. That's gotta be one of the first non-player cards. Very cool.

  2. Awesome! I was (and still am) very much tempted to shell out for a real copy of this one, but for now I'm satisfied with the reprint.

  3. I got one earlier this year, and I still stand by the statement I made when I posted about it, that this is by far the best card to come out of the 1939 Play Ball.