Saturday, November 27, 2021

Entertainer from My Youth

Another Mail Day post today and this one is an Ebay purchase. 

 I remember seeing Max Patkin perform between innings during at old Meinen Field in Peoria at a Chiefs game. 

I don't remember any of his specific antics, but I do remember his baseball uniform being full of baseball dust/dirt by the end of the game. 

I also recall pondering if the umpires enjoyed working games more if The Clown Prince of Baseball was in the stadium. 
I may have an old Chiefs program or scorecard with Patkin's autograph stashed away, but that will be a hunt for a rainy day. In the meantime, I'll store this beauty in the box with all of my favorite autographs. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. That is such a sweet collectible! I'm mainly familiar with Mr. Patkin from his Action Packed cards from the mid 90's, but I vaguely remember someone telling me he was in Bull Durham. If he was, that was the first time I saw him in action.

  2. ^Bull Durham is the only recollection I have of him, although I just thought he was a funny random dude in the crowd.