Sunday, June 6, 2021

Ready to Take the Card Show Plunge Again

 I've seen some recent posts and Tweets about card shows and I think it's about time I venture back out there. I haven't been to a show since the fall of 2019, which is a fairly decent hiatus for this collector. I've been vaccinated since March and I can't seem to shake visions of dime boxes dancing through my head. 

My needs/wants lists aren't very large at the moment, but I do have a few bloggers I need to build return packages for, I'd like to finish off that pesky 1982 Topps set, and I'd also like to find a 1985 Topps set at a fair price. 

I'll look for rare cards of the Vogelmonster, as I always do, but hopes are never very high of landing something new for my collection. 

Speaking of Vogelbach, I've been slowly filling in some placeholders in my binder of the big bopper 

Here's what I found recently on Ebay: 

This is the last of the 2020 Topps Triple Threads jumbo relics color parallels I was missing. I think the "emerald" coloring works quite well with the jersey fabric. 

I believe the red chrome parallel, from 2015 Bowman Chrome, is the last card to finish off this rainbow as well.
Neither of these put much of a dent into my card budget and I'm beyond happy to cross them off my want list. 

Now I just need to find a decent card show within a couple hour drive. Sounds like fun!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Always fun to add a red refractor. If you do go to a show, stay safe and have fun.

  2. I went to the Orland show a couple weeks ago - my first time at a card show in well over a year. It was admittedly a bit nerve-wracking to be back in a closed space full of people, but things were pretty well spread out & I was quickly reminded of how much I'd missed shows over the last year or so.

  3. Hope you find a card show with some nice dime boxes. I think there's a card show about an hour away later in the month... but not 100% sure I'll go. If my buddy sets up, I might... just so I can stand on the other side of the table. I'm not ready to be shoulder to shoulder with card collectors. But to be totally transparent... I've never enjoyed standing shoulder to shoulder with card collectors at shows.

  4. Nice to Vogelmonsters for your collection & I agree the coloring on the Triple Threads is pretty. Bravo!