Saturday, May 8, 2021

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

 We held our graduation ceremony for our seniors today. We've offered in-person learning since we re-opened in August, but there was a good number of students who chose the remote learning option and they never set foot in a classroom their senior year. 

Part of me feels like it's still all a dream. Another part hopes I wake up soon. The realist in me sees us doing it all again next school year. 

That's enough of that. How about a baseball card? 

This is a 2019 Panini Chronicles Prestige stick-o-graph of the VOGELMONSTER. It has a cracked ice feel to me, but this parallel is technically called holo foil which is numbered to /23. 

Um, let's not get too wrapped up in details. It's shiny. It's an auto. Panini's photo selection doesn't leave me missing Mariners' logo. Lastly, it's another new Vogelbach card to add to my player collection. Add it all up and it's a WIN!

Call your mother tomorrow and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. Good pickup! Love cracked ice cards.

  2. Very nice card! You and Lost Collector both got some shiny cards you're showing off. That's super! I enjoyed getting to watch the VOGELMONSTER play on TV earlier in the week when they were in Philadelphia.

  3. A. Last week our school announced that we'd be holding an in-person graduation for our 8th graders. That was music to my ears. Not sure how many will actually attend, but rumor has it that it'll be enough that there will be multiple graduation ceremonies.

    B. Congratulations on adding the new Vogelbach card to your collection.

    C. I'd give any card in my collection up to be able to call my mom one more time. But even though she's not around anymore I still quietly honor her every Mother's Day.