Sunday, May 16, 2021

Folder of Fun Additions and Mr. October in May

 Jeff, from the witty Wax Pack Wonders blog, reached out to me recently about some possible additions to my Folder of Fun. He offered up quite a selection, but it quickly became apparent that Jeff and I have very similar tastes in cardboard. Of the lot I found three I didn't already own a copy. 

Here they are in all their glory:

Jose Rijo flexing for the camera is an excellent way to start. Studio was always good for some unique poses. 

Speaking of unique, how about Dave Stewart in a tuxedo?
It's cards like this which make we want to start a new project: the nine best cards from each year of Stadium Club. That would be a fun one to tackle!

Last up is an ice bath celebration. I could have sworn I had a copy of this card, but I couldn't locate it for the life of me.

The PWE also contained a brilliant little surprise. 
My 1982 Topps set build, which I started in 2019, is now missing only twenty-three cards. Nearly every card I need is either a rookie card or a card of a Hall of Famer. I don't have any cardboard goals for 2021, but completing this set would be a solid win for my collection. 

One more little goodie, but this one came on the outside of the PWE.

Those are some old stamps! (Well, they're older than me at least.) Pretty cool!

Thanks for the fun PWE, Jeff!


  1. Hey nice new fun cards! That Tux one is sweet and I'd look forward to seeing your 9 best card selections if you go for it. Hope you're doing well!

  2. Glad to help! Wish I had more 82s to send your way, but that's a set I haven't ever had too many of.

  3. Is that Ruggiano and SP? I collect him and don’t particularly remember a card like that of him.

  4. I've got some 82's. I'll look through my box and see if I can help you out.

    1. Found these for you...

      30 Seaver
      31 Seaver IA
      90 Ryan
      118 Francona/Mills/Smith
      164 Raines/Henderson
      337 Rose IA
      344 Carter AS
      439 Righetti
      481 Carlton IA
      681 Marshall/Roenicke/Sax
      711 Edler/Henderson/Walton
      715 Stargell

      I'll send them out on Tuesday.

  5. That Rijo card became even better when I learned that "Rijo" translates to "strong" in Spanish. The Ruggiano is a staple of my frankenset too - don't ever see that one getting knocked out!

  6. The Stewart Stadium Club is a classic but I think my favorite thing in this post is actually the '76 Olympic stamps. If I had some 45 year-old stamps lying around I would save them in an album lol.