Saturday, March 27, 2021

First 2021 Card goes to the Vogelmonster Collection

 Retail is scarce in my area and Dan Vogelbach has not been included in a 2021 release to date. So, I've been patiently sitting on the 2021 collecting sidelines. Until now . . . enter 2021 Topps Archives Signature Series. 

Topps Big League was my favorite set from 2020 so pulling the trigger on this beauty was an easy decision. 

There are plenty of other options to choose from if one requires a Vogelmonster auto from the 2021 edition of Archives Signature Series, but nothing else has caught my eye so I'll probably stay away. 

I'm not sure how many different products Vogelbach will be included in this year. After starting 2020 with Seattle, and then being claimed by Toronto and later Milwaukee I doubt very much he's in line for a card in Topps Series 2. He'll probably have to make the Brewers' opening day roster and tear the cover off the ball for a couple of months to earn a spot in Update. If given a chance, I know my guy can do it!

In the meantime I'll enjoy this gorgeous piece of cardboard and keep cherry picking other rare Vogelmonster cards that have eluded me over the years. Hopefully, I have plenty to show off this summer. 

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  1. Well I guess it's probably less stressful than the last few years, but hopefully he finds his way into a set or two.

  2. Hope he has a big year with the Brewers so he can make the Update checklist and give you some 2021 cards to collect and some cards that fellow bloggers can send you.

  3. I'm also rooting for the guy, just so I can see him take some swings. Great auto!

  4. Yeah blog post! And what a beautiful card, Tom! Very glad for you!! Hi.

    1. Hi, Peter! More blog content is coming. I actually just finished writing a twelve part mini series of blog posts and I think you'll like the one that goes live on April 13th. Be patient! :)