Monday, December 17, 2018


Today I have a quick Monday mail day post inspired by Bru, the author of Remember the Astrodome. On one of my recent posts he left a comment, which left me wondering, "Why hadn't I come up with that?"

Bru, consider it stolen!

Prepare yourselves to OGLE THAT VOGEL!
 I'm not a big fan of stick-o-graphs, but in this instance it actually helps give the card a bit more color when the light hits it just so. Also, that patch. Oh. My. Word. Three colors and plenty of texture. Wow!
I picked up another of these beauties (magenta) which was serial numbered to 10 about a month ago. My newest addition is the blue version and it's numbered 11/14. I'm only missing the "Fire" parallel, but it's a 1/1. Time will tell if it falls into my collection or not.

Thanks for coming by to OGLE THAT VOGEL!

P.S. - Happy Bday to the VOGELMONSTER!


  1. Ogle That Vogel is a phenomenal title - you were right to steal that! Although it only works when you post a Vogel worth ogling. Good thing you definitely did that! As the kids say these days, that card is FIRE!

  2. Awesome card! And that is a fantastic title. Good job, Bru.

    I'm going to assume this will be a recurring topic now :)

  3. Ooooh nice patch! The Mariners have some of the best patch cards, I've noticed.

  4. Beautiful card! Did Topps reuse the photo? I'm nowhere near as familiar with these as you but I want to say one of the Topps Now Road to Opening Day? Only because I remember liking the "carrying the bag" photos they used on some of them because they scream "Spring Training" shot.

  5. That's a fine looking Vogel to Ogle!