Saturday, October 14, 2017

A Trade with A.C.B.

Let's take a break from my Topps Fire set build and do a trade post.

The business card adds a level of professionalism to this package of cards don't you think?
Julie, from A Cracked Bat, sent a good sized package full of Cubs mojo out of the blue. Julie is my resident Tigers girl. If I pull a Tiger, which isn't fairly often as of late, then it's heading her way.

I love this little community of ours.
 Notes, spontaneity, and painters tape. Simply wonderful!

On to the cardboard!

 Alex Arias is a former Peoria Chief from my middle school days, which guaranteed this card some blog time.
I don't know how many copies of this 1989 Topps Jody Davis card has passed through my hands, but I do know this is my first one with "Rediscover Topps" stamped into it.

 I'd like to see Ian Happ get a playoff start at some point. If Zobrist doesn't ever get it going or Baez needs to clear his head for a day, then I hope Joe Maddon looks Ian's way. The rookie may provide just what the Cubs need.
 Carl Edwards, Jr. is a guy who the Cubs need to get right if they're going to defeat the Dodgers. I'm heading to Chicago for the Cubs Convention in January and this one will travel with me.  Perfect for an autograph!
 I often don't run across many cards of Kiki Cuyler, but when I do they find their way into a binder! I love that this Fall Classic set only shows post season statistics. Pretty neat!

 I would love a full set of sketches. How sought after would a set like that be? This Jake Arrieta card is really well done.

 Man, I miss this guy.
 Matt Szczur now plays with Luis Torrens in San Diego, which is probably the silver lining after being traded out west. Both of these are new to my Szczur collection. What a unique looking autograph he has... I guess that's what happens when you have two non-consecutive Zs in your last name.

 Julie did a wonderful job helping me catch up on 2017 product. I've been too committed to chasing all the different Vogelmonsters to really pounce on any Cubs lots on Ebay.
Here we have the Class 1 and Class 2 Gold Label cards of Kyle Schwarber. Boy, it would be nice if Schwarber's bat got hot starting tonight. But, that begs the question... "Why is he in the lineup against Clayton Kershaw?"  That's sounds like a recipe for a Golden Sombrero. No?
 Gypsy Queen is typically not one of my favorites, but I actually like this year's design more than previous editions.
Ohhhhh.... Bowman Platinum! These five cards actually prompted me to go out and purchase my first pack of the product the other day, but we'll wait to show that off in the future.

Topps Tribute?  Yes, please!
 Another Gold Label card and pink parallel of Jake Arrieta.  Topps Chrome is a fun product to rip.
 Truly, a great assortment of cards sent by Julie!  There was more to package, but I think there are only so many Cubs cards a guy can show in one post before he starts losing readers.  So, I think I'll stop here.

Thanks Julie for all the great Cubs-centric cardboard. I've found some Tigers for you so be sure to keep an eye out on your mailbox this week!


  1. Yes, Julie is awesome and I'm glad I found both of you fellow baseball fans. Go Tigers!

  2. Nice additions. Like the gold label

  3. Lots of heavy cardboard there. Julie does put together a nice package.