Thursday, September 7, 2017

He's Back!

It's been a busy start to the school year, but I've got a few pictures to show off. These should give you a quick summary as to what I've been up to, since I haven't had much time for cardboard as of late.

My junior high softball coaching duties ended yesterday and maybe now I can play a little more attention to the blog with the extra time.
 Above is a picture of me hitting fly balls to my sixth grade team during pregame warm-ups. I take pride in being able to hit a softball into the glove of a less than confident twelve year old. Not easy to do at one hundred and twenty feet away from me!

My wife, father-in-law and I planted a new tree in the front yard. 
 We lost our ash tree last fall to the notorious emerald ash borer.  Gingkos are slow growing, but they are supposedly very hearty. Hopefully this little guy does well!

Our school district had a "school improvement day" recently and I learned how to graph within an on-line graphing calculator.
 It took some work, but I finished a Cubs logo!  The shading of the red and blue was the most challenging. Hat-tip to my co-worker Mike for troubleshooting for me!

I was able to get a little paddle boarding in a couple of weekends ago. 
Laura and I, feeling a little brave, traveled across the lake at Snakeden Hollow on the same board. She sat on the back and I did the paddling. I tried to make it across standing up, but I quickly found I had to kneel. Either that, or wind up wet!

I've resumed my duties taping games for the football coaching staff.
 Last week, I was in a scissor lift about twenty feet in the air at the back of the north end zone. Yikes! Their end zone camera is currently broken, so they have four sophomores running the camera from atop the press box, which is my normal post.  I'm not a big fan of heights and I'm hoping they get the camera fixed soon.

Lastly, the Mariners called up Dan Vogelbach yesterday. I should be pumped about this, but he'll be lucky to accumulate ten at-bats the rest of the way. The Mariners seem committed to Danny Valencia and Yonder Alonso at first base with Nelson Cruz being used as the DH. I guess that leaves me waiting 'til next year. Go figure.


  1. Great post! But where are your new Vogelmonsters to show off?! :)

    1. They're coming... just not sure what the best way is to go about it.
      All at once? By brand? Maybe just my favorite acquisitions?
      Real first world blogging problems right there!

  2. Haha for the subtle waiting til next year commentary.

    Looks like you have been a busy person

  3. "I take pride in being able to hit a softball into the glove of a less than confident twelve year old." You're like the Benny Rodriguez of softball!

  4. That second to last sentence tho, great writing. 10/10.

  5. You are the busy one. I have trouble getting myself to mow the lawn. Cubs are winning big tonight. :) Go Padres!

  6. Paddle boarding seems like a lot of fun. That's definitely on my bucket list.

  7. You needed the Mariners to be about 20 games below for Vogelbach to get some at bats. Glad to hear things are slowing down a little. Just in time for the playoff run!