Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A PWE from up North

Nick, from Dime Penny Boxes, sent a beautiful PWE my way last week, but it's stayed sealed up until now. I promised myself I wouldn't open any baseball cards, wax or PWEs until I was able to shake this poison ivy thing. So glad that's over and done with! Nick and I have one of those unspoken deals where neither of us keep score, but just send some cardboard we think the other will appreciate.

I love Nick's PWEs because I can always count on that extra level of personalization.

Somehow I missed out on the baseball player forever stamps.  When did that happen?  Any Stargell/Bucco fans want a used, but not metered, stamp?

 How's this for starting a PWE?
 I just got done telling my wife that if Kellogg's put baseball cards in their cereal again, I would stop buying my generic brand and eat nothing but Kellogg's for breakfast until I finished the set.  She didn't even blink an eye. I guess after 13 years of marriage she knows what she's gotten herself into.
 Cards for the player collections!  The Schwarber is my favorite. I don't have many Cubs cards from 2017, but I had one of these A&G Schwarbers in my World Series binder. Now, I have one for the player binder!  Woot!
 Ahhhhh... THE VOGELMONSTER!  Dupes, but I'll take them all!
 I didn't buy any of the 2016 holiday boxes and I missed National Baseball Card Day this year. Both are awesome cards!  I don't know about you, but I really like the NBCD design.
 I finished the Wrigley Field Celebrates 100 Years set, so this Fergie goes in the binder. Additionally, I have the entire Upper Deck Sporting News Top 100 set in a binder, and it's wonderful. So thankful for another copy for my Ernie collection!
 1955 Bowman Ernie Banks... I'll never own the real thing, but shiny and blue is a nice consolation prize!

 My Kerry Wood and Ryne Sandberg collections have been ignored this year. Next year... next year...  there I go waiting 'til next year again!
 One of Gavin's finest via Nick?  Yes, please!  Not sure which binder this one will go in, but it has certainly found a home here in P-town!

Thanks for the great assortment of cards, Nick!  I'll be sure to hit you up after I find some Dime Box worthy cards!


  1. So many great cards! I agree; the NBCD designs rocked this year.

  2. That Ernie Banks refractor is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Glad the PWE helped cure the "itch"! I nearly kept that foil Ryno but I knew it'd be much, much better in your hands than mine.

  4. Nick sure knows how to pack a punch.