Friday, June 30, 2017

Swapping With Paul's TTM Blog

I was contacted by the proprietor of Paul's TTM Autograph Blog recently and we set up a quick trade. It would have been quick, but even during my summer vacation life tends to get in the way. Sorry about that, Paul! You can see his end of the trade here.

Let's take a look at what he sent my way!

 Anyone remember Topps Attax?  No?  I had completely forgotten about it until these cellophane wrapped cards kicked off the package. I'll probably bust open one of the Soriano packs at some point, but the other Cubs will stay in their packaging. Now, the shiny parallels of Ruth and Mantle... what to do with those? 
 Vintage-esque cards!  A Turkey Red D-Lee and a Goudey Rich Harden. I remember when the Cubs acquired Rich Harden in a trade... I was at math camp in some college dorm working on Calculus problems... man, I'm glad I'm not at math camp this year. LAME!

Ben Zobrist.  Local Boy does good.
This is my first duplicate of this card and I couldn't be happier!  I've been wanting to change out the cards underneath the glass of my entertainment system and this one will now be on display.  Great card!  Thanks, Paul!
 Actual vintage!  Get a load of Sutter's warm-up jacket. I'm sure the good people at Under Armour get sick to their stomachs just looking at that! 

Oh, and I love me some Kong!  I compared Kyle Schwarber's future the other day to Jose Bautista... but then the names Pete Incaviglia and Steve Balboni came into my head. Yikes!  Maybe Dave Kingman isn't a bad comp?
 Did you know that Chico Walker used to practice the Heisman pose alone in his hotel room on road trips? Nah, that's not true, but this 1992 Score card might say otherwise!
 Joe Girardi is another local boy. I actually thought about starting a player collection of Girardi, but then he had to go and manage the Evil Empire.

 Fergie Alert!
 Am I on the only one who doesn't get tired of retired players on newer cardboard?

 I have Cody Bellinger in one of my fantasy leagues. Do you think Kris Bryant's owner would trade me Bryant for Bellinger, straight up?

 Paul sent me a few Kosuke Fukudome cards and a handful of Ryne Sandberg cards, but I already had them all.  Yep, I even had the Jeff King card above where Ryno is making a cameo appearance.

But, Paul did send me SEVEN new Kerry Wood cards to add to my collection!  Nice!
 Yeah, I know. Mark Prior is not Kerry Wood.
Here's a nice little oddball-eque disc.  Sweet! 
 You know what? I'm now at 499 unique Kerry Wood cards. Paul, you almost put me to the 500 marker!

Thanks for the great trade, Paul!


  1. Oh crap, I'm gonna have to rush out a PWE with those Woods I've been sitting on for you if I'm gonna claim the #500 honor!

  2. Math camp...yikes. It was a great trade, thanks again. The day I sent it though I got back home and found a Kerry Wood treasure in the bottom of a storage tote. Its headed your way next week. I hope you don't already have it.