Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Quick PWE from TLC

FWIW, I was not initially very big on the acronyms all my students seem to spout from the mouth with such ease, but they have grown on me. We have our little language here on the blogs, which includes PWE and LCS, but it's no where near as complicated as trying to communicate with a teenager.  What other ones can you name from the cardsphere?

Anyway, The Lost Collector (TLC) hit me up with a plain white envelope (PWE), which has a post mark on it that reads April 3rd. Wow. I'm behind.

The PWE had a nice note.

The Gleyber Torres transaction is still not my favorite, but the Cubs have a World Series trophy as a result so I can't complain. 
I pulled this Arrieta from a pack a little while back, but I'll gladly take another. One for the binder and one for the Cubs box. Nice.

Kyle Hendricks has come back down to Earth after his brilliant 2016 campaign, but in my neck of the woods his cards are about as pricey as Kris Bryant's. Crazy, right?

Speaking of ol' blue eyes... I didn't have this Heritage Bryant yet and now this one will fill a nice little hole in my Cubs binder.

Thanks for thinking of me, AJ!  Your Yankees have been on fire and that Aaron Judge character, the guy who looks like the Hulk in pinstripes, he's quite the power hitter.  I'll hit you back once I round up some Baby Bronx Bombers.  That's what the media is calling them, right?

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day everyone!


  1. Glad you needed at least a few. Are Hendricks cards really that pricey?

    Baby Bombers is definitely commonly used, although bad Judge puns are all the rage right now.

  2. A couple other acronyms... TTM, from Ebay - BIN, BO

  3. Nearly four weeks later and you could say the same thing about most of the pitching staff as you did about Kyle. The team has been tough to watch over all. I'm still liking the '68 Heritage design though I don't own any.