Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Time to Empty Out My PATP Cards

I've been adding "play at the plate cards" to a small pile whenever they appear and after receiving the latest package from Brian, the brain trust of Play at the Plate, I guess it's time to send them off to Texas!

Let's see what Brian has in store for me this time.
Inserts from the 90's are just plain awesome!  Bat Patrol!  The pink granite bordered card of Big Z is pretty sweet, too.

 I think these two cards of Mell Hall (as a Cub) just tripled my Mel Hall inventory.
 A bunting card of Jerome Walton. What a nice looking card.
 The cards below are from Leaf's Rookies & Stars set from 2002, but they highlight award winning moments of two of the Cubs better pitchers from the last thirty years.
 More Kerry Wood!  This might be my new favorite in my 453 card collection of Kid K.
 It's a "Draw Your Own Card" from 2000 Upper Deck MVP. Why don't card companies try this again? What a great way to get kids excited about baseball and baseball cards.

Here's a couple more of Sammy Sosa:
 Personally, I prefer the one on the left, but they are both pretty cool.  Below are some higher end cards of Fleer Platinum and Private Stock.  In my opinion, neither hold a candle to the hand drawn Sosa cards.
 The Rizzo, below, is a mini sticker from Topps.  It's also just a tad out of focus. My bad.
 I'm never sure what to do with cards like these.  First of all, I'll need a centimeter thick top loader to store this bad boy.  Secondly, it's obviously a patch from Soriano's days as a National, but the back credits him as a Cub.  What's a team collector to do?
 This team collector will keep it, because that's a pretty sweet game used swatch!

Lastly, from the same America's Pastime set, we have former Peoria Chief Sean Gallagher. 
It's a sticker autograph, but it's hidden really well by the design. I love getting cards of Peoria Chiefs!

Thanks for a great batch of cards, Brian.  I'll get something out in the mail to you before too long!


  1. Grace Bat Patrol! I'm off to search for and own this one! An amazing assortment of goods from the Long Tall Texan!

  2. I agree with Julie, that Bat Patrol is pretty awesome!

  3. I remember when Ultimate Collection first came out. I was so jealous of people that could open that stuff up. That Soriano is really nice.