Friday, February 26, 2016

Upgrading My Sleeping Situation

My wife and I have been working on upgrading the master bedroom for the last month or so. No, that's not true, Laura should receive the majority of the credit . . . I just supply the muscle.  She has an eye for coordinating: choosing carpet, picking paint and selecting a new bed. 

Today the local furniture company delivered our new bed frame and headboard combo. It's pretty sweet looking and it has two drawers at the foot of the bed, which might just be perfect for storing baseball cards!  (Laura, if you're reading this, I'm just kidding! Or am I?)

A couple of days ago our mattress was delivered by the FedEx guy.  I was a little shocked that it arrived in water heater sized box. The cats didn't seem to mind, because they had a new jungle gym until the bed frame arrived.
Holiday claiming her spot at the top of the world.
 How in the world does a king size mattress fit in such a box?  Vacuum packed memory foam!
Hugo behind the mattress.
 I suppose I would have not have been so confused if I had taken more of an interest in mattress selection process.
The mattress was an internet purchase through Tuft & Needle, which claims to have the highest rated mattress in the world.  Here's a short video if you're interested in seeing how I was instructed to unpack the mattress.
 I'm still a little curious to see how all of this plays out. Hopefully we won't regret moving from a queen to a king. And, can the mattress live up to its billing?  Only time will tell I suppose.

Thanks for stopping by!  The next post will feature a Super Traders update  . . . stay tuned!


  1. You're cats look like they could use a friend... perhaps he'd like a mogwai?... I mean, Brendan Harris card *hehehehe*

    But seriously, when it comes to home decor and remodeling, my only job is to move it around - I'm not even allowed to un-box anything because it harshes her Christmas-like enthusiasm.

    1. Don't you dare send that Brendan Harris card my way. I have enough trouble keeping track of three cats!

      Yeah, honestly, I have it really good as far as the remodeling goes. Wouldn't have it any other way.

  2. The best toy that a man ever provided a cat is an empty box. I hope your three are enjoying the best toys ever.

  3. My sons mattress came like this too. I was so confused. It was fun to watch it uncoil and spring to life.

  4. The only regret in moving from queen to king is when we stay in a hotel with now seemingly-tiny queen beds.

  5. That mattress in a box set up is amazing.

  6. Oh man. I'm totally in the market for a new mattress and want a memory foam bed. I'm guessing since it looks like a mail order thing... they won't be willing to pick up my old mattress :(

  7. What the heck is memory foam dude? I can't believe that a mattress arrived at your place in such a small container. It must be some kind of magic, but seriously it is kind of awesome too. Seemed to work out for you. I'm giving some serious thought to ordering a new mattress online too.

    Dylan Lovell @ Mattress Sale Liquidators

  8. It’s amazing how your mattress came in a small box. I guess that is the magic of memory foam! I have never heard of Tuft & Needle, but after reading your post, it looks like they are a company I need to check out. I hope you enjoy your new mattress!