Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Off Hiatus Bowman Draft Set Help

Tony, the proprietor of Off Hiatus Baseball Cards and the recipient of mass quantities of binders from his in-laws, sent me a complimentary note and some cards for my 2015 Bowman Draft Chrome set build.
 I'm always a sucker for a good note.  "You've got a great collection"  Aww, shucks.  Thanks, Tony!

If you have some chromey 2016 Bowman Draft that could possibly fill some holes in my set, then please don't hesitate about contacting me!  

Thanks for the cards, Tony!


  1. Yes, we Tony's do try our best to be generous. Sometimes, our generosity takes much longer to be fulfilled than others, of course!

  2. I have a ton of 2015 draft... Email me with a list of what you're looking for!