Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I Have Some of the Cards His Mother Didn't Throw Out

JayP has made a splash within the cardsphere. Every now and again a rookie blooger comes out of nowhere and makes a flurry of trades and, subsequently, is highlighted throughout the blogs of our little community. Once I learned JayP was a Diamondbacks fan I contacted him to see what I could do about emptying my Dbacks stash on him. You should check out his blog, Cards My Mother Didn't Throw Out, and see if you can help fill some of the voids in his collection.

He certainly filled some gaps in mine!  The Ernie Banks shiny Bowman reprint, above, was a great start to the trade package.
 Boom! As in Vogelboom! I already have this Vogelmonster card, but I'll always take another.  He touched on my other player collections, too.
 Upper Deck X die cut cards of Kid K and Fukudome. The Fukudome is the 128th unique card in that particular player collection. JayP certainly did his homework.
 This is my fourth different Face-2-Face card of Wood from this Donruss set, and the second one with Shawn Green.  The gold parallel above is numbered to 200 and has dual jersey swatches.  Nice!
 Above on the left is Kerry Wood's first Topps Finest card and on the right is a stellar XFractor!
 Topps Stars?  I thought I had this one, but I must have a different year because it wasn't listed in my database.  The gold foil on the Topps Stars logo is hard to read, but I do like the shadow behind Kerry.
 The Cracker Jack card is a mini, the sixth new Wood card in the package, and the 441st overall in my player collection of Kid K. Oddly enough, I had the mini relic from this set, but not the base.  Go figure.

Here's a couple of other favorites from the package:
 Wild Thing and Big Lee Smith were both great closers during their prime.  I really appreciate the '85 Topps Smith card, because it replaces a hole in my collection since the previous one now has an autograph on it.
Gold parallels of fan favorites!  Campana and Fontenot are always great additions! 

Lastly, a bit of an oddball:
 And take a look inside!
 I have this particular Ryno, but not in this form.  The "True Value" and "Big League Brands" flaps on the back of the Reggie card are glued to the Ryno.  I guess Sandberg will have to stay tucked away inside?  Very different, but very cool to see how the '86 True Value cards were originally packaged.

JayP, thanks for a very thoughtful trade package. I feel the one I sent your way pales in comparison and I'll look to even up the score the next time the opportunity presents itself.  Thanks again!


  1. Hmmm, looks like it's time to do some D'Back cleansing myself...

  2. That Banks is awesome, refractors are so hard to get a picture of!

    1. Nearly five years blogging without a scanner! Pictures can be sometimes challenging, and they often wind up with light spots like the Ernie, but I love the extra colors a photo adds to the card (see the Vogelbach).

  3. Tony L sent me my first True Value card a couple months back. Great oddball.

    I'm getting ready to send JayP a package myself. He has hit the ground running with his blog.

  4. Awesome TV card! I love the oddballs and haven't seen these yet.