Monday, December 1, 2014

I Didn't Buy Any Update...

and that's why I love the blogosphere.  You guys and gals are so clutch!

Jim, from the Dodger-centric gravey cey russell lopes, and I swapped padded yellow mailers recently I was ecstatic to find my first Hector Rondon card and the Starlin All-Star card.  I knew someone would help me out on the Update front.  Nice!

Alfonso Soriano made an appearance as well.  I miss Sori and I think the Cubs front office misses his leadership as well. Hopefully they'll find a veteran on the free agent market to fit in left field with Chris Coglan or maybe someone to platoon with Beef Castillo.

Hey!  Somebody forgot to tell Dick Tidrow that it's now December and he can shave that crazy mustache off!  Thank goodness No Shave November is behind us.  If I had to look at another teenager walk into my classroom with a patchy attempt a beard I would have gone mad.
 And look, my first Jamie Moyer Donruss rookie card.  Both of these guys have that crazy blue waistband on their pants.  I really dislike the blue waistband.  Ugh.

 Blake Parker, Rizzo, and Beef are sportin' some throwbacks that I can definitely get behind.  I like the Kevin Orie card; cards with no borders are very stylish.

Cool! A Nasty Boy, a super utility man with a U. of Penn education, Mr. Mustachio, and One Dog!  Great Cubs!

The holograms from Upper Deck were all the rage back in the day.  Heck, I still love them.  If anybody has some of these or the Fleer stickers let me know... I like to start each of my Cubs binders off with a page full of Cubs logos before actually getting to the player cards. The more variety I can add the better.

And lastly, a mostly complete 1985 7Up Cubs team-issued team set.  I have the Sandberg already in my player collection, so the fact that he's missing is no big loss.   The cards don't have numbers on the back, so I guess when I try to fit these in my Cubs Frankenset I'll go by their jersey numbers seen on the front of the card. I'll have to do a post about the Frankenset before too long. It's been a time-consuming, but fun project!
A few things to note from the cards above:
1. Doesn't Lee Smith's stride to home seem a touch on the long side? 
2. It's really generous of the author of the blog "garvey cey russell lopes" to spare a Lopes and Cey. Thanks! 
3. I heard a rumor that Steve Lake started the bat flip craze back in 1984.  Um, or maybe I just made that up.  My bad.

Thanks for the great trade, Jim!  I'll start rebuilding my stash of Dodgers for you!


  1. Love those 7-UP cards! I have a couple, although I'm not entirely sure how they wound up in my collection. Jim's a great guy, I just received an awesome package from him as well.

  2. hey tom. i already had the lopes and cey cards but bought the set for the sandberg - he's turning two with bill russell sliding in. i may have also kept a coaches card that featured former dodger johnny oates. glad the package arrived!

  3. Thank you for keeping us updated with this update on your pursuit (or lack thereof?) of update. I'll update the package I had planned for you to accommodate this update.

    1. Update: This just updated, it's a lack thereof of the pursuit of Update. Thanks for tuning in to this update on my update on Update.