Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Being a Bonehead with Baseball Cards

Remember the Wampa?  Yeah, those were some good times.

Within the Wampa's box were eight or ten packs of 2008 Upper Deck Documentary, which is a set I'm still not the familiar with. I know enough about it to know that it's tortuously large. I think each team has 162 cards in its own subset highlighting each game of the season.  If that's true, then there's nearly 5,000 cards in the set.  Well, each of the unopened packs had a White Sox player on the front so I figured the packs contained cards exclusively from the Sox's season.  I boxed them up and sent them to JediJeff, who is the only White Sox guy I know.

He informed me shortly after their arrival that the packs contain players from all teams. 

They do?  Oh.  Crap.  I'm such a doofus sometimes.
Jeff was kind enough to send the Cubs that were pulled from the packs back down Interstate 55. 
That's my 102nd unique Fukudome card on the right!  Nice.

And he sent some 1984 Topps for the set I'm working on:

Also included in the PWE were a couple of random Cubs.  Ooooooh!  A gold Marmol!

Lastly, a new card to add to my Brooks Kieschnick collection.  Someday I'll have to enter my Kieschnick cards into a database.  Maybe during winter break?
 I really liked those Fleer Ultra backs from back-in-the-day.  Three different pictures: hitting, fielding, and a batting pose.  That's high quality in my estimation.

Jeff, thanks for sending those UD Documentary cards back my way and for adding in some nice Cubs as a bonus.


  1. If I recall, that Marmol is not gold, but bronze. The rarer of the two.

    1. Bronze? I didn't know Topps made a Bronze. Is it possible that Topps has gone so crazy with parallels that they are churning out parallels for four year old product?