Monday, October 20, 2014

And So It Begins...

The skies may be clearing just to the north of me, but things are about to get crazy here in P-town.  You see, there's this guy.  From what I've been told he may be mistaken for the likeness of the Hamburglar. 

Some of you may know him as JBF or the uber-generous blogger from Jaybarkerfan's Junk. I know him as the guy who likes to release monstrous packages on me.

Oh, and I don't use the word "monstrous" lightly.  See below:

 I've never fought a Wampa before.  I've been mentally preparing myself for a few weeks now.  But really, how does one truly prepare to face a Wampa? 
 This one seems friendly enough.  He's brought me a letter!

Ooooooh, and it's one of those fancy letters where there's an envelope inside another envelope.  You know the type, kind of like one of those wedding invitation deals.
Although, I don't think it's a wedding invitation.  Let's see.
Okay, a few things to note here:
1) I haven't traded with Bob Walk the Plank yet, but boy, oh boy, does he have a surprise coming for him!
2) Let me be completely honest here... "defeated" is a really strong word. JBF is not only generous with his cards, but with his words.  I think I would have use "outlasted" to describe my battles with the Kraken, Rancor Monster, Bear, and Colossus.
3) Wampas are vicious. wouldn't lie.

My weaknesses?  Get this, my wife just came home and wanted to know why there was a Wampa in the living room.  Hehe.  You don't hear that everyday! 

She read the note next to the Wampa and said, "Isn't your weakness that you're a Cub fan?"  Ouch.
 She's probably right.  I'm a Cub fan and I'm blinded by Cubs from the past, present, and future.  I like vintage, junk wax, and shiny Cubs.  In any case, I fear the Wampa will be tough one to bring down.

Stay tuned to see how this one plays out!


  1. Dear General Tom, we've received your letter but I regret to inform you that Rex and his men will not be able to assist you, nor will we be able to send any of our other clone units to aid you during this time.
    Best of luck, Master Zippity Zappity.

    1. Shoot. Where else can I turn for reinforcements?

  2. Oh my! I'm not sure to be scared or excited.

    By the way Tom, you and I should trade! Sometime when you get a chance shoot me your address.