Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summertime Hobbies Revealed

My junior high softball season coaching duties had me at a season kick-off tournament this past Saturday.  When I returned home late in the afternoon I found one of our laundry baskets displayed in the front yard.

Oh boy.  My wife's summertime hobby, gardening, has really gotten out of hand.  I wish those of you who call the blogosphere home lived closer to P-town, because we're drowning in fresh produce!
Laura has already made a couple batches of pickles from the cucumbers and we have both gifted veggies at our respective work places.  For lunches I taken to enjoying a whole cucumber with my PB&J each day.  Yikes!

Speaking of hobbies, mine is going well.  Four blue autographs for cheap!

I've slowly been adding young pieces of the Cubs.  Above we have a pair of players who I have enjoyed watching at Kane County the past two seasons.  Underwood has been dealing for the Cougars this season and the Vogelmonster mashed for them in 2013.

Below are a couple of pitchers who don't have much as far as Cubs cards go. 
  Both players were acquired from the Texas Rangers in separate deals, but both have really impressed me this season. Neil Ramirez' card is from the 2007 Just minors set and Kyle Hendrick's card is from the 2012 Heritage Minors set.

After selling off a few items this summer my Paypal account credit line has finally evaporated.  Couple that with the beginning of another school year and I dare say my cardboard collecting for the calendar year is has just about come to a halt.  (Although I'm still on the hunt for an Arismendy Alcantara autograph!)

The Waiting 'til Next Year household also includes two cats.
Gosh, that wallpaper has to go!
Mooshie (left) and Gus (right) are pictured here enjoying their favorite summertime hobby as well: window sill sitting! 

Thanks for stopping by today.  Wish me luck, because it's the first day back at school for teachers! 


  1. My wife would be jealous of that output. She is struggling with her garden this year. I think she planted too late

  2. Good luck at school! My cucumbers have done well this year too - lots of pickles!

  3. Our cucumbers sucked, because we still haven't figured out our ground at the house we moved into two years ago. We got plenty of tomatoes, and the catnip for our cats is thriving!

    1. Catnip. Now that's a good suggestion on what to plant new for next year! Thanks!

  4. I'd love some of those cukes! We had a big Maine Coon cat name Kooshie. I sometimes called him Kooshie Mooshie. Sadly, gone now.

  5. I hear you, Tom. We've been having peaches and cream sweet corn almost every night. All of our neighbors have gardens and we've been getting plenty of donations ourselves. Love those pickles - my mother-in-law used to make some dynamite pickles.