Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Group Break Results from Nachos Grande

Last month I participated in a group break that was hosted my Chris from Nachos Grande.  I was hoping for a jersey card or perhaps an autograph, but I had no such luck.

I picked up a second team in the break, the Milwaukee Brewers, for an easy $2, but I struck out there as well.  Why the Brew Crew?  Well, Thorzul has a 1/1 Cubs card that I'm hoping to someday trade for, but I must find some cool Brewers first.

Here's my favorites Cubs from the break:

The first four are from a set produced by Upper Deck in 2005 called Past Time Pennants.  I give you Ron Santo, Fergie Jenkins, Ernie Banks, and Billy Williams.  How that 1969 didn't win the pennant still just boggles my mind.

I really like the blank & white shots give the cards a retro feel even though they are done up with silver foil.  I wish Billy's card was in black & white also.  The color makes me feel like he played in a different era than the other three.

How about a 1992 Upper Deck Fan Fest of Billy Williams?  I like this card much better.  I also pulled the Sandberg, but that one goes in the dupes pile.

Kerry Wood time!   The first one is a 2000 Topps Finest.  This card is a duplicate as well, but I absolutely love the baseball in the background.  Oh, and everyone knows I'm a sucker for shiny cards.

How about a 2004 Upper Deck Play Ball Kerry Wood card?  Yes, please!  The Mark Prior that I received in the break doesn't really resemble Mr. Prior, but I think the artist did a nice job with the Wood rendering. 
 Lastly, another card from the 2000 Topps Finest set.  This one I scored because of the Sosa on the back.  Normally, I'd through it in my never to be looked at again Sammy Sosa pile, but this insert set is called "counterparts", and the individual on the front makes it a keeper.
 Who's on the front?  A shiny Ken Griffey, Jr.  Score! 
The Griffey looks much better in person and was a terrific card to surprise me with.

By the way, if you ever have a chance to participate in one Chris' group breaks, you have to jump at the opportunity.  He takes is time posting the results of EVERY pack; this time around he had 40 to 50 blog posts that highlighted the cards from the break.  It was a fun and quick read each time. Thanks again, Chris!

Side note:  Chris, author of Nachos Gande, also is a math nerd like myself.  The Dimwit sent him an article about how to make "Mathematically Perfect Nachos" and now I feel the urge to re-post a link to the article as well.  The nachos look tasty, but seem like a bunch of work.  Plus, there's a bunch of "wasted" tortilla you have to find something to do with.  Cool idea, nonetheless.

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