Thursday, February 21, 2013

A trip to my LCS: 2013 vs. Vintage

I finally found some time to visit my local card shop (LCS) for the first time in over a month.  I bought my first pack of 2013 product and I also took a dive into the vintage box!

Here's my first card of 2013 Topps:

Yes, a little underwhelming.

The second card was much better.
I love the action shot and the uniform.  Good stuff right there!  Plus, I have a thing for diminutive second-sackers.  Did you know that the Altuve is a unit of measure?  Check it out!

Another second baseman, half a foot taller this time, and a gold parallel to boot!  I'm a Kipnis fan, no doubt about that.

Then the pack just got nasty.  Down right foul.  No name guy, after common, after no name guy.

Then... it happened.  Cardinals.  Nope, no Cubs in this pack.  My first pack of the 2013 collecting season and the score is 2 to 0, Cubs are already playing from behind.  Boo!

For the record, the Holliday is a mini.  I like minis.  Normally.  Not this one.  That is all.

As I mentioned earlier, I also took swim through the vintage bin.  What's great is that I did it all for less than the price of a wax pack of 2013 Topps.

When I got home I realized I went a little heavy on the 1976 Topps, but I'm pretty happy with my score. 

Former manager of the Cubs and inspiration for a former Halloween costume of mine back in 2008:

Vida Blue wearing yellow?  Yes, please!

Tom Terrific at spring training?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks as though he's about to cut loose a fastball right into the first base dugout!

 I love the old style Twins caps.  Seeing one on top of Rod Carew is even better.

Finally, a 1971 Bobby Bonds. I've recently been cleaned out on Giants trade fodder, so this was a nice find for a quarter.

Perhaps I should have spent another $2 on vintage rather than the 2013 Topps?  What do you think?

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  1. I love 2013 Topps, but I'd definitely take those vintage pieces over a pack of the stuff any day of the week. That '71 Bonds is terrific.