Thursday, November 8, 2012

Card Show Finds - My Favorite

I've heard of Kurt Bevacqua, but I'm not sure why, where, or in what context.  He collected a little over 2,100 at-bats in a 15 year career in which he played six different positions on the diamond for six different teams.  From what I can tell by his career stats he was role player who played steady defense and carried a solid 0.258 lifetime average as a pinch hitter.

My last post featured a card about the great Pine Tar Incident on July 24, 1983.  At the time I pined for more cards that featured the memorable stories and great characters of the game.  

Here's my favorite find at last weekend's card show:

1976 Topps, #564 -- Bubble Cum Blowing Championships card of Kurt Bevacqua

I did a quick Google search and found that this card has been dissected by the baseball card blogosphere more than a few times.  The Fleer Sticker Project did a real nice job breaking down the background story of the card. 

What's stopping Topps from bringing this back?  Sometimes I think I grew up in the wrong era of sports. 

I'll leave you with a youtube video of the actual bubblegum blowing championship!  Enjoy!

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