Thursday, November 1, 2012

186 Posts Later and I STILL have a problem.

When I first started blogging I had a problem with racoons.

I took away the bird feeder tray.  We cut down the tree that gave the racoons access to our roof to use it as their, um... depository.  (Technically we took the tree down because it was leaning into the house, but ridding ourselves of raccoon mess was a pleasant bi-product.)

No more tree, no more tray feeder, no more problem.

Or so I thought.

After work last night I went to plastic storage container to grab some birdseed to fill the feeders  

This is what I found:

Oh, the picture only shows one raccoon.  No worries, the excitement was just beginning.  After I finally scared the first one away, I found another underneath the cushions to the patio glider. 

Not cool.

Rest assured, there was more raccoon mess to clean up.

I am not amused.

That is all.

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