Sunday, August 14, 2011


You may have noticed from the last entry that the first letter in each of the three paragraphs was enlarged, bold, and red.  The three letters spliced together spell SUP.  What is SUP you ask?  Stand up paddle!
Tom in Hawaii.

Laura's cousin, John Putes, introduced SUP to us when we visited Arizona back in April.  I must admit, seeing a deflated paddleboard on his hardwood floors left much to the imagination.  Fast forward to July and our trip to Hawaii: Laura booked us a couple of lessons and we had a blast!  The boards were fiberglass and a little longer than John's inflatable board.

Laura on Illinois River
The box that Gus was checking out in the last post oddly enough came from a Sam's in Arizona. I'm still wondering how a state that is mostly desert is a popular place to SUP.   Anyway, we are now the proud owners of two inflatable paddleboards.

The picture to the left was from earlier this morning at the Marshall County State Conservation Area, which is located north of Hopewell and just south of Sparland.

The water was a little choppy, but it was a beautiful day to be out and active.  We did a nice little out-and-back trip as you can see on the map.  We only saw a couple of Asian Carp, and no, the ones we did come close to didn't knock us from our boards.  I'm still working on the stand up part, but Laura seems to have mastered it!  She was born to SUP!

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  1. Very interesting! Glad you are enjoying this together. Mom