Thursday, August 11, 2011

A New Box! Just for me!

Since we missed the FedEx guy Laura had to go to Kinkos/FedEx yesterday to pick up our packages.  After unpacking the contents, I try to break down the cardboard so that we can recycle and do our little part to save the planet.

Unsurprisingly, who do we find in the box as soon as I turn my back?  Yeah, that silly cat of mine, Gus.  He will try to claim any box he can get his paws on.  His pattern usually goes something like this: 
          1. Jump in box
          2. Do multiple laps in box, sniffing all the while
          3. Sit in box and inevitably fall asleep
          4. Surprise attack by Mooshie!  (Always fun to witness!)
          5. Begin to tear apart box (so that Mooshie can't have it OR out of boredom)

Perhaps you are wondering what was once contained in the pictured box?  Well, there is a clue within this post.  See if you can find it!   If you're still not sure, no worries, I will post an update before school starts (August 15th).

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