Sunday, May 1, 2011

Big Unit makes it to "The Shelf"

Laura and I watched the Diamondbacks take on the defending World Champion, San Francisco Giants, at Chase Field in Arizona on Sunday, April 17th.  Nothing too memorable about the ballpark itself, except for already blogged about swimming pool in right-center field.  Yet, I can cross another ballpark off of my list!

I have seen 16 different Major League Baseball parks for 14 of 30 possible different franchises.  My goal is to see one for each existing franchise, and in some cases like the White Sox and Cardinals, two!  I am scheduled for a visit to Florida later in June which will then give me 16 different franchises, which is over the half-way mark.  Watch out Rays and Marlins!   I'm still trying to find a weekend to sneak off to Target Field in Minnesota.  And somebody's favorite sister-in-law is getting hitched in Colorado this September.  Hmmm... perhaps I should just focus on not messing up the wedding weekend with my own personal agenda?

On with the blog... I always purchase a bobblehead to commemorate the triumph of crossing off yet another ballpark from my list.  Randy Johnson, the "Big Unit", stood an inch shy from seven feet tall.  He is probably best known as tall flame-throwing lefty with wild mullet-like hair, yet this video clip still comes to mind: click here. [Jed, if you're reading, you may not want to click that link.] 
Pictured, you'll see that I have acquired a Randy Johnson bobblehead for my Man Room!  Oddly enough, even though he towered over every other major league ballplayer, he sees eye-to-eye with all of my bobbleheads.  You'd think that they could vary the mold a little to give the guy a fraction of an inch over his other 7-inch tall molded brethren!  At least they got his mullet hair right!  His locks are even painted in a glossy paint to give them that appropriate oily/sweaty consistency that a pitcher's hair acquires by the middle of the third inning on a hot July day.  Yuck.

Also pictured you'll see the rest of my bobblehead family: everyone from Ryne Sandberg to the Seattle Mariner Moose.  Now the Big Unit will claim his own spot on "The Shelf".

Also, I need to send a shout out to Sarah who gave me four 6-foot long strands of ivy to decorate my Man Room.  You'll see them at the top of the wall in the picture.  They are the perfect addition to my room!  Thanks again!


  1. What's to the right of the Hot Dog Bobblehead? I haven't noticed that before.

  2. That's my rooster wearing a Cub shirt. Different, albeit no bobblehead.