Tuesday, February 13, 2024

But, that's my guy!

 2024 Topps Flagship is starting to find its way to the interwebs and I finally found a picture of this collector's most coveted card from Series 1. 


The Vogelmonster

I called my wife over and asked her what she thought.

"That is not attractive facial hair."

"He looks pale." 

I retort with, "But, that's my guy!"

She pauses and adds, "They can't all be winning shots." 

She walks away. 

Man, I'm so glad baseball season is almost here! Happy collecting!


  1. Hey Tom! I hope you're back. Congrats on the latest Vogelbach.

  2. lol, glad to see you're still continuing to add Vogelmonsters. Good luck.

  3. I'm not sure why they'd put a card of him as a Met in the set when they had to know he wasn't coming back, and there will probably be guys who will be back who won't get a card. If Omar Narvaez or DJ Stewart doesn't end up in a later series, I'll be annoyed. But, hey, I'm happy for you, and I'll happily pick up a copy of that card this Sunday at my card show if I can. A nice goodbye to him for Mets fans.

  4. Vogelmonster rules! (And so glad to see a post from you pop up in my blogroll!)