Saturday, February 20, 2021

Making a New Storage Box

 I reached the point where I needed a third storage box for my Vogelbach printing plates, relics, and autograph cards. 

I bought a couple of one row boxes which were designed for graded cards. I originally liked this idea because all of my Vogelmonster hits were already sleeved up, plus I have a few graded cards of my favorite masher which have been gifted to me over the years.

The "before" picture.

The boxes are very tall and for whatever reason I had trouble getting the lids back on. Ugh. 

My biggest issue was that I wanted all of my Vogelbach cards in one box. I recently came to the revelation that I wasn't making the effort to flip through and enjoy the cards because two boxes simply weren't as convenient as one. Adding a third box was not going to be an option. 

After doing some internet shopping and not finding exactly what I wanted I decided to make my own. I've assembled a fair share of multi-row monster boxes in the past I decided it shouldn't be too difficult of a task to make one from scratch. 

It helped that I an old "file folder" box laying around that I could cut down to size. I repurposed a couple of other boxes to make a couple of dividers for the interior walls of the three storage rows. After a decent amount of measuring, cutting, scoring and folding I was about done. Lastly, I tacked in a couple of flaps with the glue gun to finish the project off. 

It took about an hour total for this project, but I enjoyed every second of it. I didn't have a template to follow, just what I had in the ol' memory banks from my past experience with monster boxes. So, yeah, it was a little challenging, but definitely fun and I'm very happy with the result. 

I was even able to re-use the old file folder lid. It had lots of writing on the top, so I just took it apart and turned it inside out. I made this box last weekend when it so brutally cold outside and I've already taken it off the shelf to flip through the cards twice this past week. Loving it! 

Oh, and the best part is there's probably enough room for another 50+ Vogelbach relics, autos and the like! 😁 

What do you think of my new Vogelmonster storage box? Have you ever made a storage box for your collection?


  1. That's totally fantastic! You might want to try your hand at printing out large sticker labels with images of Vogelbach cards to decorate/label the box. Great post!

  2. That's a nice looking box! You go, man! And good luck filling it up. I've never tried something like that before because I'm pretty sure I'd give myself a cardboard papercut.

  3. Hey that was smart! I might need need to do this for my "nicer" Tino cards. I agree with you on having everything in one place makes it easier to enjoy.

  4. Great job! I'm tempted to play around with some cardboard this week and build myself a custom storage box.

  5. I made some new boxes last year, even showed them off on the blog. And your box looks great btw!

  6. All it's missing is a fun drawing or painting on the top!

  7. Yeah I've made some boxes over the years, but usually only put in just enough effort for the box to be functional. Nothing high quality that's for sure!

  8. I've never done anything like that. Looks great! More importantly it works.

  9. That's great! A 3 row box like this is exactly what I need to be able to have my hof collection in one box.

  10. I made some 2 row boxes usps priority boxes a while back. It was quite time consuming but free. Yours looks much better.