Sunday, January 10, 2021

Catching Up

 I've been struck with some motivation the last couple of weeks to get things done in my cardroom. The last package from a seller just arrived in my Sportlots box yesterday and I'm excited to get my hands on those cards so I can ship them out to some of my fellow bloggers. The USPS has been struggling lately, but I'm hopeful the cards make it to me by next weekend. We'll see!

I've also been sorting through my Dad's collection, which is mostly from 1989-1994. Throughout the process I've been adding cards to his large stack of boxes in an effort to downsize my collection. I'm thinking about selling these on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. There's some unopened wax, many sets, and plenty of singles... probably 20,000+ cards in all?  Anyone have experience doing this?

I've got a pair of packages to share today. The first one comes from Jeremy, the author of Topps Cards That Never Were. Jeremy took the time to create a couple of cards of two of my favorite professional baseballers. 

Vogelbach was drafted in 2011, so he never would have been given a 2011 Topps card, but I love it. The 2011 set is my favorite Topps flagship design since I returned to the hobby in 2009. The Roberto Batista cards will find their way to work with me and I'll pass them on to Roberto. He's such a great person and he'll be touched someone thought enough to make him some customs. Thanks, Jeremy!

Jeff, my "local" White Sox guy, sent me some cards a month or so ago. His blog, 2 by 3 Heroes, and mine used to play a larger role in the cardboard blogging community, but both of our lights have dimmed recently. I still have dreams of meeting up with him, Dimebox Nick and Tony Burbs at a post Covid card show in the Chicago suburbs.

Jeff and I used to swap packages on a semi-regular basis back in the 2010's. .

I'd sent a padded mailer up I-55 full of Sox and he'd retaliate with some boys in blue. 

It had been since the spring 2018 since I last sent him a package and then out of the blue there was a mailer waiting for me one day after work. 

I honestly don't know where we stand now? Are we even? Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps I should gather some cards together to sent back up north? Truly, first world baseball card blogging problems. LOL 

I actually needed the Fire Voeglbach for my collection! Thanks for the cards, Jeff!


  1. AJ has talked about selling cards on that Marketplace thing on a couple of different occasions, maybe he could help you out with that?

    1. Indeed I have! Coach, happy to let you know what has worked for me.

    2. I got your email and appreciate all the advice. I'm still in the sorting stage, but I'm hoping to have a listing up before the end of the month. I'll definitely be referring back to your email!

  2. Jeff sent some good stuff! I'll have a post up soon about his box of beautiful cards and....well something different! I have at least six monster boxes of cards to move but don't know what to do. I don't want to haul them around to meet someone and def don't want anyone coming to my house. Let us know how it works out for you.

  3. My mom helped me put up all the extra cards I didn't need on Offer Up (I think) back when I inherited most of Tony Burbs's collection over the summer. Someone replied a couple days later, and the cards were out of the house within a week. I don't think Offer Up involves buying/selling things, but if you just want your boxes out of the house, that could be an option.

    (Also I owe you a big BIG thank you for the package you sent me!!)

  4. Glad you like the cards. The more I see of the 2020 Fire set the more I like it.
    I don’t know how many there are and what you want for them, but I’d be happy to take any Rays (and probably Tigers) off your hands from all of the stuff you are going through.

  5. Very nice cards. Good luck disposing of the cards. I don't have any experience selling them, but recently sent a thousand or two to Commons 4 Kids as I couldn't get rid of them otherwise.