Sunday, November 25, 2018

A Generous Sister

Before heading out of town we sometimes ask my sister to look in on our cats. Nothing too crazy... food, water and maybe tend to the litter box.
This time of year, when the heated bathroom floor is on, they are pretty low maintenance. 

When Laura and I returned from Thanksgiving at her parents' place up north I found some some candy on the dining room table.
I pass out packaged of Smarties in class to my students when they answer a tough question or make a mathematical connection which allows us to push forward within the day's lesson. You know, because their smart! These candy packages are way larger than the typical Smarties though! Whoa!
Accompanying the candy was a Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine. 
Larry Fitzgerald seems like a pretty fun dude. Did you notice the thickness of this magazine though? It looks like the pages are spilling out to the right. 

That's because there was some extra SI for Kids cards included. Ready for a photo dump?

I think I uploaded all twenty-two pages. At nine cards a page there are just under 200 cards here. Sadly, no Cubs though!

If you haven't been over to Area 40 yet, then you better get over there soon to claim your teams. Rumor has it these cards will be carefully split apart and disbursed through Wes' last hurrah!

Thanks for the cards, Jane! You're going to make a lot of bloggers happy with your generosity!


  1. Wow! That's a lot of awesome cards! Very generous of her. I see a few cards I have to track down: Taylor Hall, Ovechkin, Bolt, Biles, Katie Lou..maybe even a Ledecky.

    That Area 40 giveaway looks amazing - but I don't feel right jumping over there with my hand out when I haven't been following his blog.

    1. Good for you, Chris! I haven't entered because I don't collect any specific teams and even if I did, I probably wouldn't have anything to send Wes in return.

      Tom, that picture of your cats is so great!

  2. Woah, that's an amazing assortment of SI for kids cards. BTW, if you ever want to remove the perforated cards I'd love a shot at the Yuzuru Hanyu, Naomi Osaka and Shea Tiley cards.

  3. I was anxiously awaiting seeing some Cubs players. man. I feel disappointed by this. With those icky Reds and Cardinals represented. Ugh.

  4. looks like I picked a bad time to let my subscription lapse...

  5. Sweet SI for Kid collection! If I ever quit collecting... there's a pretty good chance I'd still subscribe to SI for Kids.