Sunday, August 19, 2018

My Sister Bought Me Cards!

Last Saturday morning I was coaching a junior high girls softball doubleheader and immediately after my wife and I were off to the suburbs to the north to visit her parents.
This was National Baseball Card Day, but there was no time for cards. None at all. 😢

On Monday I dropped by my sister's house while running errands and she passed on a fistful of cardboard my way.
She stopped by the LCS on Saturday and picked up a couple packs of 2018 Donruss to qualify for the free cards.

I was hoping for the Cubs' representative in the set, but I'm pretty happy with the player selection even though Anthony Rizzo was not included. My sister wound up with a pair of both Judge and Hoskins, which puzzles me a little. Why two of each?  Also, I thought the Hoskins was supposed to be released at a later date. No?
Of the names, Mad Max and Mookie move the needle the most for me, but I know others might go ga-ga over Ozzie Albies. Side Note: It's weird seeing Jake the Snake in a Phillies uniform.

 To get the promotional cards my sister had to make a purchase and she picked up two packs of 2018 Donruss. I have a couple of Cubs from this product, but haven't ripped any packs myself yet.

Base cards first:
I've always lover the Rated Rookie cards. And, get a look at Jose Ramirez' pajamas! Whoa! Those hurt the eyes a little bit!

Diamond Kings:
 I miss the artsy element to the cards.

Nickname parallel cards:
 I heard Panini went bonkers with the parallels in this set. Something about the ALL RISE makes me smile. Great nickname/theme for a great player!

 1984 Retro:
 1984 Donruss is my favorite design of the Donruss line, but I think someone is trolling me here. Two Cardinals?  Seriously?  Ugh.

And finally, the score of the two packs in my eyes:
I love older players when I can get them. I prefer them on vintage cardboard, but I'll take a foil board parallel numbered to 500 any day of the week!

I love that my sister still enjoys ripping open card packs and I'm very thankful she passed on the cards to her big brother.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


  1. NY 12th Judicial District

    That's something I never thought I'd see on a card.

  2. Nicely done sister! And nicely done finding a shop that wasn't restricting purchases to just Topps product.

  3. That's really cool!

    As for Hoskins, I think you're right and it was supposed to be given away later, but I don't think many followed those rules. My LCS owner gave me the choice of Judge or Hoskins.

  4. Quite a few shops seem to have given away the Hoskins and Judge on the same date (unfortunately neither of mine did). The Hoskins was indeed supposed to be handed out a couple weeks afterward. Doesn't seem to be the most well-coordinated promotion.

  5. The details... the card shop was very busy. Other people got the giveaway cards without any purchase. I felt weird just snagging the free cards, so I supported the LCS with the Donruss packs (thinking that you were collecting them for some random reason or another).

    My patience in the busy card shop worked to my advantage. Two separate workers gave me the giveaway pack and Judge, Rhys cards (have a purse to put the 1st set in was also an advantage!). I did not object to the 2nd set because I know they will find proper homes in the baseball card universe.

    Tom's Sister, Jane

    1. Love the background story. Thanks again, Jane!

  6. I don’t have either of those judges

  7. The Hoskins and Judge exclusive cards are nice pickups. Judge didn't do enough for me to spend $10 on NBCD, but I might go by my hobby shop to see if the Hoskins card is still available.